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Mederi Center – Change Is Good

Long-Standing Community Non-Profit Organization and Wholistic Health Center with Global Reach Moves into New Building and Unveils New Name and Logo

Ashland, Oregon (August 9, 2018) – On May 22, Mederi Center moved just a few blocks away from its old location into a brand-new space, custom-designed to accommodate the expansion of its operations in one central location. The new space will allow Mederi Center to bring personalized, integrative and wholistic medicine to the forefront of comprehensive care for those with cancer and chronic illnesses.

“It has been a long-standing vision for us to have a versatile and modern facility that will allow us to more effectively deliver wholistic health and healing, as well as to facilitate our ongoing research and clinical education program, for years to come,” said Mederi Center Founders, Donnie and Jennifer Yance. “Our new location will serve as a catalyst for growth and enable us to make an even stronger positive impact on our patients, practitioners, and the health and wellness community at large.”

Along with moving into a new building, Mederi Center is unveiling a new logo and a single, unified name to represent Mederi’s future direction. According to Pauleen Miller, Mederi Center’s Chief Financial & Operations Officer, “The name Mederi Center serves as a single umbrella entity, under which all of our various programs – research, education, patient care, and more – now reside. Together, each endeavour will flourish, by leveraging the strength of the foundation as a whole.”

Mederi Center has called Ashland, Oregon home since 1999. During those years, the organization has grown significantly, and its work has impacted the health and wellness industry, both in this country and around the world.

“We are now all settled into our new space and are looking forward to inviting the Ashland community, friends, colleagues, patients, practitioners and all of our supporters to come celebrate with us at an open house event this fall,” said Executive Director Jennifer Yance.

Mederi Center always welcomes the community, prospective patients, and practitioners to visit and tour the facility. To request a tour please contact

call (541) 488-0514


About Mederi Center:

Mederi Center is a nonprofit clinic, research, and educational organization in Ashland, Oregon dedicated to improving the quality of life and outcomes for patients with chronic diseases, cancer, and stress or age-related conditions. Through its clinic (and its global education network for practitioners), Mederi Center promotes its unique and internationally recognized wholistic Mederi Care medicine model – a collaborative, integrative approach combining modern science, medicine, research, and education with botanical, nutritional, and lifestyle medicines to deliver consistently better patient outcomes.


To learn more about Mederi Center:



Phone: (541) 488-0514




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Mederi Center

The mission of the Mederi Center is to optimize health, promote longevity, and improve the quality of life of those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer; and to provide a comprehensive approach toward the transformation of healthcare for individuals and institutions.

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