Media Convergence… what does it all mean?

I'm going to rant about a subject that I deal with on a day to day basis.  As a multimedia artist, business developer, gadget guru, and all around techno-evagelist, I'm well equiped with current events in the industry, so I guess that makes me qualified to offer my opinion on this thing we're all calling MEDIA CONVERGENCE.

First off, at the top of this iceberg is the fact that this is a revolutionary time in history.  It's a'kin to the dawn of the Gutenberg press, and Netscapes stock going public.  This particular time in history is host to a emergence of communication unlike anything else seen by man.  Of course, you probably all know this, so I'll jump to the part you didn't already know.

The average consumer in the world today (on average) has dozens of sources for local/regional/national/and international news and information.  From the standard periodicals like magazines, trade, hobby, and niche publications, locally and nationally produced television programming, search engine and portals, am/fm/xm radio, and now even PDAs or mobile devices.  The one constant is their time.  Everyone has 24 hours in a day.  And since most healthy people sleep for about 6 hours of that day, we're left with approx. 18 hours to process the endless stream of info coming our way.

We as marketers do everything we can to exploit this precious segment of the consumer's life.  From billboards on the inside doors of bathroom stalls, to ads on the napkins at the local pub.  There's no escape from our work.  But keeping our message consistant across the myriad of materials available is often times difficult if not impossible.  This gave rise to the Art Director, the Publicist, and the Advertising Account Executive.  These professionals ensure that an advertiser's message is delivered consistantly, effectively, and with a profitable return on the investment in mind.

Simply faxing the same script to the radio and TV stations that you put on your homepage is not the best most effective way to maintain consistancy in your markeitng message.  Sure you'll be echoing your message, but Media isn't simply a broadcast model any more… interactivity exists in new flavors.  Not just liveshots from a store opening, or radio remotes from the movie premier.  Look no further than the screen infront of you.  Blogs, Quizes, and ViralVideo are creating new interactions between patron and vendor. A little imagination and alot of patience, and anyone can create a marketing buzz through the existing networks like Youtube, Myspace… and LocasGuide.

OK, I'm off the soapbox now.  I will leave it to you; the reader, to experiment with these new marketing tools.  I'll leave it to you to find how applying a social network to your existing marketing mix will certainly amplify it's effectiveness.  And, I'll wait for your feedback regarding your results. Because, afterall, this is an open dialogue… and it's time we all started say our piece.

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KTVL's Director of New Business Development
The video above will briefly explain what I do professionally. I'm the Directory of New Business Development at I work for a group called Ventures which is a department of the parent company Freedom Communications. Ventures empowers the stations with marketing programs that boost the advertiser's efforts in marketing across TV and the Web. Now the details of my origin...I was born in Denver, Co. Childhood in L.A. and Long Beach. Jr. High and High School in Rio Linda, just north of Sacramento. I started my career in 5th grade drawing super heroes for my friends and their lunch money. In High School, I was the guy everyone turned to for ANYTHING creative. Yearbooks, floats, even leather jacket art! My senior art teacher took a chance on my behalf and sent one of my still life's into a statewide artshow held at the Crocker Art museum. This confirmed my career choice. Then I went to a technical school in Phoenix AZ. Graduated, and set out to be a commercial artist and eventually an art director. Worked for newspapers, magazines, ad agencies, TV stations, and web development firms. 15 years in mixed media creative development and management. I was even the president and CEO of, an internet startup in Monterey and L.A. at the end of the 90's. Like many other dot.coms, MEEDYA crashed under the weight of rapid growth and a some inscrupulous business partners. Now I'm in Medford, working with a great company, doing the work I love. I have a fabulous girlfriend, and two adorable cats. So far, so good!
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