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Many of you may be aware of pet food recalls and or receive an email notifying you of when pet food has been recalled. Being on this side of the fence now, I get to see the truth about recalls from an FDA. Most are “bully recalls.” I have seen recalls that were legitimate because there were excessive levels of bacteria or the too much of a certain ingredient; For instance, Vitamin D. What I am seeing mostly is the FDA pushing their weight around in an effort to protect the interests of Big Pet Food. I have come to understand that the FDA does not like raw dog food. I have even seen them go as far as asking a raw pet food company to test for bacteria that does not affect animals at all and would only affect people if eaten in bucketfuls. This company in response went out of business because they could not keep up with the outrageous demands that the FDA put on them. From what I see, this is the FDA’s purpose is to put raw food companies out of business. I won’t go into details here about why they want to do this, but this is getting out of hand. I hope this article can help shed light on how to tell the difference between a true recall and a “bully recall.” Something else I have learned, when the FDA informs a company that they have found Salmonella or other bacteria in their food, they do not have to provide any test results in the finding of the bacteria. Not one piece of paper of proof is ever given to the company they are accusing of having bacteria in their products. Nothing explaining the conditions of the testing, how long the sample was out, or where they got the food. What I want people to understand is that what the FDA wants to do is to scare you. So when a recall goes out whether it is voluntary or forced by the FDA is doesn’t always mean what you think it means. What I recommend to people who find out about pet food recalls is to call the company and to ask them about the recall facts. There have been so many times that I called the company that had a recall and discovered that in fact there was nothing wrong with their food, but that the FDA was using intimidation to force them to use High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) or to force them out of business. This actually happened to RAD CAT. They 3rd party tested every batch and when the FDA came to them with a claim of bacteria in their food, they knew their food was safe. They were not able to fight them and subsequently went out of business.

The FDA is now going after A+ Answers Pet Food. This is one of the safest raw brands there is due clean standards and that the food is fermented.




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