Picking the Right e-Bike

It’s undeniable that e-bikes bring joy and freedom to so many, but with hundreds of e-bike brands on the market, how do you figure out which one is the best one for you?

While there are many types of riders, for now, I want to talk to the folks who might be getting back on a bike after a decade or longer of not riding and who may not understand all the components and systems.

First, what does your terrain look like? Is it mostly flat with small hills? Then almost any motor size and or type will do, and your personal preferences may become the biggest factor. Does your commute home always end on a steep street like Park Street? Then a mid-drive with higher torque is going to do a better job.

How often are you going to be using this bike? If you’re relying on the bike for transportation, then you’ll want to invest in a bike with higher quality componentry. Components that will hold up and be easily sourced by any local bike shop. Often cheaper bikes have proprietary parts and that often means more failures and delays in getting you back on the road. If you’re buying this bike for casual use then this may be less of a factor.

How far is your daily commute? In our shop, Aventons are a great price point, but often people who require a longer range will upgrade to a Surface604 because these batteries give them twice the range, and they don’t have to worry about buying and or toting a spare battery to get to work and back.

Are you looking to travel our beautiful country in your RV with your bike? That’s awesome. Now you’ll want to stick to brands with well-known componentry. Why? Most bikes shops won’t have the components for unknown brands on hand or know how to get you what you need. You don’t want to get two states away and a week into your 3-month trip to find out you aren’t going to be able to use your bike for the rest of your vacation.

At the end of the day, e-bikes can be complicated. It’s always best to check out your local dealers and talk to them about the pros and cons of different bikes and brands. Lastly, and I can never say this enough, neither I nor my colleagues at other shops are you. We can share data and stats with you all day long. If you don’t feel comfortable and safe on our new bike you’re not going to ride it. So before you buy please come in and see us for a test ride!

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