Southern Oregon Birth Connections

Are you thinking of starting a family? Or have you just learned that you are pregnant, and you are wondering what your birthing choices are?

Are you breastfeeding and having problems, does your baby have colic, or are you looking for help coping with your two year old?

In the Rogue Valley, we have a wealth of practitioners, resources and products that promote the health and well being of families. Southern Oregon Birth Connections is a new organization created to empower women and families during the childbearing years. By serving as a contact point between services and your family, our role is to help you discover the range of options available.

How we birth our babies matters. Health prior to pregnancy matters, as it sets the stage for the baby’s growth. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, health and harmony all matter. In Southern Oregon, we have professionals, practitioners and peer support groups that can help us achieve our goals.
How can we learn about these resources, and decide which ones are the best fit for our family’s unique needs?

To build a bridge between families, local support networks, traditional and alternative medical options, Southern Oregon Birth Connections will be hosting Family Resource Fairs. These monthly meetings will be held every second Sunday at the Bellview Grange in Ashland. Families will meet local resources, so they can tailor their support system to their individual pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Whether you birth at a hospital or at home, learn what options are out there for you.

Meet doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, therapists, practitioners, and instructors. Learn about groups in our community that you can join. In addition, each Family Resource Fair will feature an educational presentation on one aspect of the childbearing and parenting experience.

Our opening event is on Sunday, February 14th from 1 – 3 p.m. at the Ashland Bellview Grange -1050 Tolman Creek Road, near Siskiyou Blvd. You will be introduced to a range of practitioners and offered the opportunity to experience many of the services provided. Receive hands-on bodywork, watch a video, play with natural cloth diapers, have your belly henna-ed and more!

Include us in your Valentine’s Day Celebration. In just 2 hours, you will have the opportunity to participate in an event that will enhance your sense of choice, and increase your awareness of your local community resources.

If you are a practitioner and want to become involved, please call 482-6067.
If you are pregnant, or a family member, please call 482-6067 and PLEASE come by!!!

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