Terms and Conditions

We appreciate the support of our advertisers and value the contributions made by all for the good of our community.  Here are our terms and conditions:

Contract Agreements:  Contract agreements between customer and LocalsGuide are expected to be honored. In the circumstance that a contract needs to be cancelled we request a two issue cancellation notice.  You will then be billed the discounted difference you have received for your advertising run.

Ad Print Quality: Plain and Simple – Use a professional designer. Don’t come crying to us if your ad does not print clearly. Do the job right, hire a professional. Use proper design programs. Please click this link if you need a designer.

Results:  We are in the business of newspaper publishing. We do not guarantee or sell any types of results. This is your job. We put the message out into the world The rest is your job!

Originality:  All columns and interview content must be original with full permission given to LocalsGuide for publication.  Any photos submitted with interview content must be original or printed with permission by the owner.

Failure of payment:  Businesses who fail to pay on time will be dropped off on a remote island in the Pacific inhabited by cannibals.  Seriously, just pay us on time this is an investment in growing your business.  If you have a problem with that, please give us the courtesy of a proper cancellation.

Late payments:  5% fee applied to late payments.  From time to time, we all have financial difficulties.  We expect that you will make special arrangements with us if any changes are required to your original contract.

Editorial:  Ordering of columns is first-come, first-served.  Failure to meet deadlines may result in loss of space.  Placement of ads and columns is determined as space becomes available.  Please contact us if you would like more information about this.  We work hard to avoid errors, however, we are human and they do occur.  We do not offer re-prints in the case of errors.  In the case of interviews, our expectation is that interview content will be returned fully edited and print-ready.

Design:  All artwork must be submitted print-ready, business takes full responsibility for proofing ads before they are submitted.

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