Thank you

LMAO!!!  Thanks for the comment shields! I’m typing this blog now and I can actually see the whole thing, with no ads in the way, or blocking part of it. I do wonder if my sister’s computer may have had something to do with my complaint (read my previous blog, anyone who’s wondering what on earth I’m talking about). I should have mentioned that in the blog but of course I didn’t think of it til later. Her computer is somewhat older, but actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that it wasn’t the problem, because this site, or at least the write a blog page, was the only site that it did that on. But anyways…. I may not be able to blog much this week due to the fact that I’m not watchin my sis’s kids. She’s going to RCC, and is out this week for spring break. Her computer was the one I was using due to the fact that I don’t have my own. Right now I’m down at the cyber center in medford. I love this place. I don’t do the gaming, which is what the cyber center is mostly geared to, however, if you don’t have friends or family who have computers (or they won’t let you use theirs, lol!!) you can get on the internet here, for only $1.00 an hour. For me, I like it, cause the library, while I can use a computer there, it cuts you off after an hour, and some days I need longer than that, all depending on what I’m doing, or looking up. So it works for me. The only thing that sucks about is that ITS TOO FAR AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!  LOL. Seriously, from where I live, the cyber center is about 6 miles, give or take from where I live. I don’t drive, so I walk around town or bike everywhere. The bus does come out past here (once every hour), but the closest the bus gets to my place is about a mile and ahalf from me. So when I come out here, I just ride my bike. What makes it funny about the bike v. bus…. I passed the bus 3 times on the way here.  With all the side streets and stops it had/has to make, I still beat it here on my bike. I just thought that was funny. Anyways thats it for now. Til next time… ta ta! :D