Nancy Burton L.Ac.

The Necessity for Joy

One of my patients made the comment that sugar was the only joy she permitted herself. She’s a mom with a full time job. Today women are expected to fulfill all the traditional roles, including childcare, cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring kids around while juggling the additional responsibility of a full time job. Something has to fall through the cracks and too often it’s Mom.

Sugar releases endorphins in the body. So if evening chocolate or dessert is the only endorphin-releasing event you permit yourself, it is no wonder your attachment to it is over powering.

Planning and memory of special occasions releases endorphins in the body. This reduces stress. The special event itself also releases endorphins but surprisingly not as much as planning and the anticipation.

It’s important for health to plan special events for yourself as an individual, with friends, with your partner and with your immediate family. Plan dates on a regular basis but not the same old routine. Including others in the planning stages helps them release endorphins too. Trying new things, a bit out of your comfort zone, kick in the healing gene sequence and repair your DNA. Remember, exercise releases endorphins as well. So a special occasion including exercise gets you multiple points.

Our lives have become so busy. Whether you’re a mother or not, schedule weekly times for fun and relaxation. Joy is not an indulgence it’s a necessity.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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Nancy Burton, L.Ac. is a Licensed Acupuncturist. She incorporates Acupuncture, Herbs, Tui Na (Chinese Medicinal Massage), Homeopathics, Nutritional Supplements, Muscle Testing, and Nutritional Counseling and Therapy in her practice. Her goal is to give patients the tools they need to achieve and maintain good health.

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