The Voices of Your Body Myofascial Release and Woman’s Health

Your body has an innate intelligence, a consciousness that is woven within its very fabric.The wisdom of your body is available when you create the space to listen. This intuitive knowing can be enhanced when we slow down and tune in. Most of us don’t pay attention until the voices of our body have become loud, painful, angry or stressed. Our body is a living journal of all of our experiences. To support our highest potential, it is of the utmost importance to learn to listen to the voices of this body, and to gain insight and understanding from their unique perspective.

I often visualize the internal as a landscape or garden. I hear the voices of the body as an orchestra, symphony, or choir. As we gain awareness and pay closer attention to the voices of our body, we begin to realize we are in relationship with our body. As we are in relationship to movement. Not just our body as a whole but, each individual part. We have a different kind of relationship with each part. As does each part have a different relationship with us. Each part has its own experience and perspective. And, there are relationships this part has with the other parts of your body.

The question becomes what are you bringing to the relationship? With this part of your body. When you slow down and take time to listen, each part of your body has a voice, a message, insight and intelligence. As you notice you can become curious and inquisitive, you can still yourself and focus your mind to listen. And when you become receptive to the truth your body speaks, you can begin to mend the breaks in the communication. Begin to understand the needs of your body and study the language it speaks. Listen to the tones and notes. There is wisdom here, and you can learn to listen.

When we have trauma, we hold the memory of that pain. This could be from injury, surgeries, emotional or mental pain, from abuse, neglect. Whatever happened in the past, we store this experience in our body. Until it is released it will continue to affect us. Our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health, as well as the stories we tell ourselves. Awareness and presence heals.

I am in Sedona, Arizona and I just finished the Myofascial Release Women’s Health Seminar. I am still integrating the profound open spaciousness of this work. I deeply honor all women for birthing, bleeding, cycling, ovulating, conceiving, miscarrying, going through abortion, the pain and healing journey of birth control, infections, disease, surgeries, trauma from rape, abuse, incest, nonconsensual touch, assault, nursing, breast implants & reduction and cancer. Everything we go through in this incredible journey. Myofascial Release treats and releases the fascial restrictions developed from these experiences.

As we face into our pain, held in loving presence we can allow ourselves to release and let go.

With MFR, I have emerged transformed. It has released and changed my holding patterns in a way I have never experienced before. This is internal vaginal and/or rectal, and breast work. Our pelvic floor tension can be responsible for many other symptoms. I am also on my way to Cervical Thoracic which is the neck, shoulders & ribcage. These treatments are so effective, the testimonials are amazing. MFR heals.

I offer Myofascial Release Treatments for men, women and children because I see results.

I am now also available for Women’s Health internal Myofascial Release Treatments.

I now offer Ozone Treatments that oxygenate all of your cells to heal.

I send you love and am here to offer support on your healing journey. You are innately, infinitely valuable, beautiful and powerful… exactly as you are.

Angela Rose



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