1. Type of Music

2. When Was the Band Founded
In 2005 for a wedding reception in the mountains outside Roseburg
(they made an offer I couldn¹t refuse)

3. Names and Instruments
Brian Freeman - guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin, tenor banjo, bodhran,
William Greene - fiddle, banjo, vocals (currently on medical sabbatical)
Larry Levin - guitar, octave mandolin, concertina, mandolin, vocals
Christine Williams - piano, vocals

4. Tallest Musician, Shortest
William always stands tall and Chris belies her physical height with
a large personality

5. Where did you guys meet
Music sessions and through a desire (compulsion really) to share
this infectious music

6. How long have you been together
2 years or 2 hundred, hard to say

7. Show Calendar
January 26th for our annual Evening of Scottish Music featuring
the songs of Robert Burns and the odd show here and there as time allows

8. Favorite Musicians.. inspirations
Christy Moore/Planxty, Karine Polwart, Silly Wizard/Andy M. Stewart, Paul
The Bothy Band, Tommy Peoples, Battlefield Band Roy Orbison and loads more

9. Albums and Songs
Thistledown grew out of Brian¹s solo career and his CDs are available at
or hear samples at A Thistledown recording can¹t
be far off.
Chris Williams also has a CD available.

10. Shout out to the community
This group is a delight to be in and a delight to hear, all will feel better
for it.

11. Dream Come True
Playing and singing with like-minded supremely likeable people. This group
is very
comfortable, it¹s not usually this easy for groups, that¹s why I was solo
for 30 years

12. Best Show
Easy, all of them

13. Worst Show
Only the ones not played

14. Most fun you ever had during a show
faux pas are always fodder for great craic

15. Favorite Local Place to Play
As we don¹t play clubs each venue becomes home each performance.
I think the Havurah is going to be a nice fit. In the past Carpenter Hall at
was a favorite, until they remodeled and took out the theatre seating.

16. Other Favorite Local Bands
Ed Dunsavage Trio, Terra Nova Consort, whatever the McKern Bros. are up to

18. Occupation(s)
Graphic Designer, Professor, Doctor, Actor (sorry, no bakers or candle

17. Anything else you wanna do with your local fame and fortune
Music is the food of life, a feast is always in order
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