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Three Testimonials from our Clients at Ashland Neurofeedback and Therapy

“I was referred to Ashland Neurofeedback by another clinician because I was having some severe symptoms stemming from the constant fear and unpredictability of my childhood. As a business owner, I had been unable to work outside the home for about a year, and spent much of my time in bed.  My doctors were stumped as to how to stop severe cycling that I was having multiple times a week. I had tried many things to stop my crying, off-the-hook anxiety and constant nighttime waking.  I was absolutely exhausted. Suzanne quickly put me at ease and gave me hope. She suggested that we pursue a schedule of neurofeedback three times a week. Within 6–7 sessions my symptoms started to abate. My clarity, calmness and cognitive ability returned as well as increased resiliency. I started to feel normal again! I was able to go back to work managing a large staff and even complete a few complex projects because I became much more able to handle stress. This has been nothing short of a miracle. This neurofeedback is truly amazing. Although it has not been a “bumpless” process, I have continued to make steady gains over less than two months of brain training. Many things that I could not even think about doing just a short time ago, I am now doing with ease! I am grateful, my family is grateful. I have a new lease on life.”

M.J. — Ashland, 60 (16 sessions)

“Although I’m in my 60s now, when I was 20 years old something happened to me that was absolutely devastating. It left me feeling stigmatized and separate from everyone and everything. Through the neurofeedback and the deep releasing that I have done with Suzanne, all these parts of me that have felt separate have integrated, and I feel the source of love within me now. Instead of reacting automatically based on my past trauma, I now have instantaneous awareness. I can call my reactions back and reflect upon them. I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me – to feel joy again after so many years. Thank you!”

L.S. — Ashland  (13 sessions)

“When I was little I had some head injuries, and recently I had a concussion in a car crash that caused some pretty bad symptoms. First, I felt like I had lost myself after the crash. I also had anger and frustration issues to the degree that I would get so frustrated I would chuck my cell phone and I went through several phones! I was arguing with people a lot. My sleep was awful and I woke up a lot. I also felt helpless and stressed at school. There was this pointlessness about everything. Within the first few sessions of IASIS Neurofeedback, my frustration went way down and I started bouncing back. I’m not having arguments and my relationships with my family and friends are smooth.  My sleep is good now. I am much more motivated as well. Things I used to avoid because they were too stressful I can now deal with. I am more productive and I have a new apprenticeship in a field I am passionate about.”

Bodhi Arends — Ashland, 16 (8 sessions)

**Ashland Neurofeedback thanks our clients who generously contribute testimonials to help others.

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