Truth in the Garden

When I first became a contractor I quickly realized that the word “contractor” and the word “truth” were considered an oxymoron by many. It seemed to me people automatically believed that contractors were not only expensive but dishonest and not forthcoming. Perhaps that is not true for all clients but it seemed to be the standard I was introduced to when I choose this line of work. I began my landscape career in Rogue Valley working for the lowest price landscape company around. I was new to this career and counted on my co workers to teach me what I needed to know in order to properly serve the clients needs. I learned a lot working with this crew: how to save money on a project, how to reduce labor expense, how to use inexpensive materials. The problem I had was that “truth” was missing—corners were being cut, mistakes covered up and employees grossly underpaid. It was also hard watching contractors say one thing to the client and a completely different thing to the employees. Or when I discovered a mistake or potential problem and the answer was to overlook it and keep moving. Needless to say, my morals did not allow me to stay long.

During my time with the low-end landscape company I made mental notes of ways I saw customers being misled. I learned standards of construction are extremely important. When the customer needs to spend less, a job can be done in a more economical fashion without the compromising of quality. I was done with the low end of landscaping, had learned what I did not want to do, and was ready for a change.

So I moved to the other side of the spectrum and worked for a company that had the absolute highest standard of installation, material, and workmanship. Again I learned a lot. I learned that last 15% between a “good” landscape and an “exquisite” landscape takes a whole lot time, attention to every detail and requires considerable finances.

I learned that all the tiny details we as landscapers give attention to, culminate in beauty that speaks the language of truth.

I then decided to begin my own company and had the pleasure of working for clients from across the economic spectrum—from multi-million dollar winery estates to retired school teachers. I enjoyed blending the skills I had learned saving money and incorporating the highly efficient and long lasting landscape detail of true craftsmanship from precise stone placement, smooth curves of paths, beautiful planting plans, irrigation systems that were built to last…… I vowed to look for my clients truer needs and guide their project to the best of my capacity to meet and create something that reflected both cost efficiency, durability and beauty.

The truth for me and for my employees at Banyan Tree Landscape is we find great joy in nature’s beauty and particularly in a well-designed and carefully installed landscape. I feel a sense of peace, calm, and in the quiet a deep connection to, not just my own truth, but a greater truth that permeates the stones, the blossoms, and the breeze in the swaying leaves. A harmony in the landscape is created when honesty and craftsmanship meet.

Banyan Tree Landscape holds “truth” as one of the central tenants of our business. From the beginning, we establish a clear and open communication with our clients. We carefully listen to your needs and your dreams and advise you toward the most appropriate direction to achieve them. We commit to absolute integrity. We treat our employees and our clients with absolute respect and in return have a benevolent work environment that allows for “truth” to be freely expressed.

One of the current truths we face in our line of work is that Rogue Valley citizens need to reduce water usage. We are offering a 10% discount on any work that helps conserve our precious water resource from now until the first rains of fall. See the advertisement above for more information.

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