Juliet Doty

Unwind the Soul

There’s a new Sensitive in town.  Direct from Byron Bay, Australia and Hawaii, Juliet Butters-Doty moved to Ashland last summer, bringing her unique approach as a Spiritual Body Trainer.  Juliet has invested much of her life exploring what keeps us lost in the maze of life, for example, repeating broken records. “When we are deeply honest,” she says, “we realize how significantly the components and structure of the maze limit and affect our intuition.  Concurrently sabotaging and entrapping not only our personal power, but also distorting our focal perception, further affecting the ability to be truly still in order to hear the ‘still small voice’ within.  Our Core Vibration is also fundamentally minimized.”

“I trained in the ‘Daystar Mystery School’ in Avalon, Australia for 10 years.  During the many years of private practice that followed, I taught classes and guided meditations, studied Astrology, further complimenting my clients with the process I developed, in order for the Soul to “Go Home” into the deep heart.” Juliet has said that “so many possibilities can occur in a healing as we come from the result of distinctly different experiences across time, all time.”  Indeed therefore, the following components can occur in the process among other techniques being utilized:

1. Utilizing the power of the spoken word creating a safe and sacred space.
2. Aligning, grounding and increasing access to the core of being.
3. Redefining and regenerating one’s innate spiritual posture.
4. Invigorating renewed strength in one’s foundation of being.
5. Focusing very fine, highly intelligent yet supremely gentle energies.
6. Translating and seamlessly decoding the language of light.

“It felt like Juliet was assisting my soul along its birth canal,” one client reported, “to free my inner being.  I loved her description that this allowed the flame in my heart to burn more brightly.  I can feel it!” Juliet considers herself a Spiritual Midwife, working as a sensitive, a finely tuned instrument, guiding her clients to find their spiritual compass, their own unique True North, so they can steer their lives according to the wisdom of their own innate GPS.  “I personally feel everything that occurs within my client during the healing as we ‘unwind the soul.’ I facilitate this by accessing the Akashic Records and sequentially identify unhealthy beliefs, expose hidden issues, relieve the burden of density, eliminate the multi-dimensional distortions and complexity of psychic interference, release destructive cellular memories, and eliminate influences operating within the Bardo realms that thwart the true pathway of the soul.”

An excerpt from one of her channeled transmissions:  “You do not have to censor how you feel.  Free yourself from self-judgment.  This is what creates your many hells.  Release the thousand crosses that burden your journey.  Let go of the past and walk free.”

Juliet offers a free phone orientation and a 25% reduction through February.  She and husband, Paul, purchased a home in Ashland and she works out of her home office.  Please don’t hesitate to call Juliet at 541-613 7205 or email juliet@unwindthesoul.com.

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