Watch for Miss Mollys Pet Taxi in Ashland July 4 Parade

CONTACT:  Vicki Bamman

DATE:       July 2, 2007                               PHONE:     541.201.0487


It’s no secret that the pet industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the country today.  And, contrary to some rumors, Vicki Bamman observes “Just look around…it’s readily apparent that we are, indeed, dog lovers.  When I first moved to the area, I wondered why there was no Doggie Daycare, so I determined that I would try to bring that service to town.”  Unable to find the right rental, she decided to offer a complementary service and, MISS MOLLY’S PET TAXI was born.

          Intended to provide relief for the stressed or too busy pet owner, the PET TAXI will pick up and deliver your pet to and from veterinary appointments and the groomer.  There may be an occasional run to the Medford airport or other destinations, but the service is intended primarily for short runs in and around  Ashland.  

          Watch for the MISS MOLLY’S PET TAXI entry in the Ashland July 4th Parade.  In addition to transportation, the PET TAXI is also intended to help locate the 2,500 sq. ft. com-mercial rental in Ashland that will be the future home of additional Miss Molly’s pet services.           For more information, you can reach Vicki Bamman at 541. 201.0487.                    

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