What does Ashland need to do to attract more economic opportunity?

The way to make ASHLAND economically viable is to provide a better transportation plan between Exit 19, Exit 14, and Exit 6 (Mount Ashland) where the new Callahans is located – (Please go to Callahans and support the new restaurant and bar it’s beautiful and they did a great job on it!)

If we can connect the town and make it safe for bicycles, pedestrians, students, tourists, then we have built in economic viabilty and we will have a great LIVABLE town.

Also we need to let the businesses express themselves and  return the bear, Wiley, prayer flags at Soundpeace, etc. etc.  immediately and we don’t step on restaurants with food grading and meddling then we have businesses that Flourishes without government intervention.

Also we need to make an effort into better parking for EVERYONE!


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