What issues confronting Ashland right now are of most concern to you and why?

Affordable Housing – The issue of affordable housing was the major focus of my two terms as a City Council member and as current member of the Housing Commission; that experience has taught me that implementing a successful affordable housing strategy requires more than words on a page. It must be proactive, bringing the entire community together to work towards a common goal; it must be fully funded, with a permanent and sustainable funding source; and it must have specific targets.  We need to focus our efforts where the greatest need is and insure that prices are truly affordable to all of Ashland.

Neighborhood oriented government – From involvement in community organizations and holding public office, I have learned that the first responsibility of elected officials is to invite, encourage, support, and extend opportunities for citizen participation. It is time to engage the public in a true governance partnership with Ashland’s neighborhoods to create, develop, implement, and evaluate city policy decisions and management actions by supporting the development of true neighborhood associations. I envision these associations promoting improved communications between citizens, fostering cooperation and consensus among diverse interests in the neighborhoods and generally improving the experience of community connection experienced by residents of Ashland.



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