What’s Happening at RVML This Month

January Guest Speaker: ANDREW BASIAGO- THE ADVENT OF TIME TRAVEL & TELEPORTATION TECHNOLOGY. Following hundreds of lectures in Ashland over the past 16 years, RVML now presents our most controversial speaker ever. Andrew Basiago is best known for revealing publicly his life experiences as one of America’s first time-space explorers and Mars visitors.

Andrew is a lawyer, writer, public speaker, media personality, former US “chrononaut,” and 21st century visionary. He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington and maintains an active law practice in Washington. He holds five degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA, a Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark, and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

For more than a decade, Andrew has waged a “Truth Campaign” in which he has told the true story of America’s achievements in time travel and Mars visitation. He has done so as one who served bravely in the two secret US defense projects in which time travel and voyages to Mars were first undertaken, DARPA’s Project Pegasus and the CIA’s Mars jump room program.

Did Los Alamos physicists achieve time travel by 1970 as Andrew claims? Or is he a futurist provocateur indicating the direction that applied quantum physics could take? You’re invited to attend these provocative lectures and decide science fact from science fiction fantasy.

Two multimedia, deep-dive lectures with Q&A. Friday, January 5, 7-9pm and Saturday, January 6, 10am-4pm. LOCATION: Hidden Springs, 1651 Siskiyou Blvd. Full details at www.RVML.org

Ashland Chamber of Commerce Weekly Greeters Meeting: Network with the local business community at RVML on Friday, January 12, 8:00am. Non-Chamber members are welcome to attend one Greeters meeting before joining the Chamber.

Save the Date: RVML’s 4th Annual ARCHITECTS OF THE NEW PARADIGM CONFERENCE is May 26-27 at the Ashland Hills Inn. Details: www.ANPconference.com

New Arrivals: Thanks to our generous donors, RVML’s lending collection always growing. In December, over 35 new audiobooks, 40 DVDs and 120 books were added. Check the New Arrivals section next to the Catalog Search Kiosk.

Join RVML today! Annual fee for borrowing privileges is only $30, students $20.  No cost for media exchange; trade-in your books and media on all subjects.

About RVML: Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library is a donor-supported nonprofit lending library, media exchange and event producer. Established in Ashland in 2002, RVML’s unique collection of books, audiobooks and DVDs has grown to be among the largest of its kind in the world.

With emphasis on practical solutions to the world’s critical challenges, RVML’s mission is providing easy access to information that inspires, heals and transforms; with a variety of spiritual, paranormal and personal development subjects. Complete list of subject categories and catalog search tool is available at the website.

Come visit RVML at 2321 Ashland Street, I-5 Exit 14, between Albertsons and Rite Aid, behind Subway. Open daily 10-6, closed Sun-Mon. 541-552-9119 www.RVML.org