Why We Fall in Love with Fluevog

There are so many reasons to love the eccentric designs of John Fluevog. I thought I’d share some of the many reasons we fell in love, along with thousands of other fans, with Fluevog shoes.


Design, style, comfort and wow factor play a huge roll in the unique and exceptional collections we affectionately know as “shoe families”. What is a shoe family? It’s a line of shoes that all have the same last and share the same message but feature different uppers. Like the 240 Wagons shoe family named after a classic automobile, the 240 Wagons are famous for exactly the same reason the car is. They’re boxy, sturdy and reliable. As a designer John is fearless when it comes to bringing fashion to the table. Each shoe is a piece of art, keeping people coming back for more.


Philosophy and character contribute to the massive following of fans surrounding John Fluevog shoes. Messages on the soles of your shoes like “Wearever you go give thanks” are one of the reasons he’s been in the shoe business since the 1970’s. He has an undaunted reputation for the world’s most distinctive shoes. In fact, most of his shoes are made in Portugal and Poland and are not mass produced. That’s why you can’t find them everywhere. When you walk in a pair of his shoes, people always stop you and ask, “Hey, where did you get those fantastic shoes?” From stitching detail to sculpted heels and innovative designs you won’t find anything like these.


Most recently John has opened a new flagship store in Vancouver and leaving a very green ecological footprint which is quite impressive. Once a parking lot between two buildings now a showroom bursting with creative energy. Almost everything in the atrium like space is reclaimed, recycled or prefabricated. From display tables made out of 150 year old oak trees grown in British Columbia to salvaged pipes from the Alaskan Pipeline, there’s no end to what John can conjure up. When he’s not making a statement with his shoes, he’s certainly making one by his actions and that’s why we love John, his legacy and his family.


To some it up, here are a few words from one of our Fluevog lovers Jody Lydick. “I tried them on and it was like the heavens opened up and light shone down while the angel choir sang…they were perfect! They were sooo comfortable, there was room for my toes. They were sturdy, good arch support, NOT clunky and clownish, unique (I knew no other person was going to have shoes like these at the wedding) They weren’t too high, but high enough. I could dance all night in them. I didn’t feel like a hippo in ballet slippers, they were size appropriate. They’d garner comments and attention, and ooohhh but they were cute!!”


If you haven’t tried them before come on in, sit down, stay awhile and prepare yourself to fall in love. We did. “Don’t delay, shop Fluevog today. Shoes to vie for, shoes to die for, Go on, buy one, buy two, buy four!”

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