Writing a Local Review

This is your opportunity to write local reviews which positively engage and honor local businesses.

Our guidelines here at the LocalsGuide is pretty simple for writing business reviews.
Focus on the Best – Forget the Rest“. In other words stay focused on the green light and do a review on the highest and best of a local business.

OUCH… sounds kinda harsh, but why give any attention to mediocrity. We as a community deserve to be treated with respect and we deserve to live with individuals who actively work to create better people and a better planet.

When writing a local review you are giving a local businesses a huge opportunity and gift of exposure and attention from our community. Essentially it’s like inviting them on stage and giving them an award for what they do best.

Let’s work together to set high standards for our community and create a real LocalsGuide.

Now, I should mention point of view.

Your the local, and you what’s best so if you can articulate why some local restaurant or business which might not be a community favorite is “Your favorite“.. by all means do so. We want to know!

Tell us about your hidden treasures known and unknown.

LocalsGuide is all about creating hyper local media through positive engagement.
This is your chance to tell us about the highest and best of your community.

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