Yogurt Hut is Open!

Everyone’s raving about Yogurt Hut! Word of mouth is spreading quickly about the fun new shop that opened in May, which is independently owned by George and Susan Orrego from Berkeley.[br][br]After being open briefly, the store closed for a couple of days to prepare for its Grand Opening on May 20th. As I was taking pictures while they were closed, I noticed many families and individuals stopped by, only to realize with disappointment that they weren’t getting any yogurt. This was evidence that Ashland is ready for a low-cost place to cool off during the hot weather.[br][br]As we entered the shop on a Sunday afternoon, we were greeted by friendly and helpful staff. There were panels of stained glass, ambient lighting, island music, and plenty of seating. The set up is self-serve, with 6-8 flavors of non-fat, soft-serve frozen yogurt.[br][br]Everything, including toppings, is 39 cents per ounce. The tasty flavors offered that day included pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, berry, and root beer float. Sugar-free options were also available in vanilla, chocolate, and berry. There were more than enough choices of topping such as gummy bears and worms, brownie pieces, sprinkles, several types of nuts, marshmallows, variety of fruit, cookies crumbles, and several sauces.[br][br]I tried chocolate and pistachio yogurt with sliced almond topping. My dish was about half-full and it cost approximately $2.00. My son tried 3 flavors of yogurt and had 2 toppings and his dish was a bit fuller and it ended up being about $3.00.[br][br]There were two sizes of bowls, which seemed like “large” and “extra large.” As a parent with children who might go a little crazy while assembling their creations, I would love to see a smaller bowl size offered.[br][br]I was impressed with this new business and thought their yogurt was delicious. They are located at 140 Lithia Way, near Hair City. Wednesday through Sunday they are currently open until midnight.[br]

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