ZEPPARELLA – At the Ashland Armory

Thursday, February 7ZEPPARELLAAshland Armory, Ashland, OR9:00 pm (Doors Open at 8:00 pm)$15.00 advanceAll Ages


Renegade Productions welcomes Zepparella to the Historic Ashland Armory, 208Oak Street in Ashland, OR on Thursday, February 7 at 9pm. Zepparella arefour women intent on bringing the passion, the beauty, the aggressionŠ themusicality of Led Zeppelin alive. Not to be missed, the doors are at 8pm andtickets are $15 in advance. This is a 21  and over venue.

Zepparella delivers an explosive, emotional musical journey at every event.They take on the challenge of balancing their devotion to playing the songsas close to the original as possible, while taking advantage of their ownmusical communication and carrying the audience away on the ride.

The combination of personalities in Zepparella is something extraordinary.>From the first time on stage there was such a strong musical connection thatto the girls it felt like a homecoming. And in a musical career, that kindof connection may be the most elusive gift of all.The players:

Anna Kristina, the popular Bay Area stage actress, vocalist and solo artist,brings her seductive style and powerful range to front the band withconsistently transcendent performances.  Her soulful delivery ismesmerizing. For a list of her many projects and accomplishments,

Gretchen Menn applies her dazzling and emotive guitar playing to the leads.After her stint as Agnes Young in the top-grossing Bay Area band AC/DShe forthree years, and then touring as the second guitarist in the national metalband BOTTOM, she now takes on the Page lines with an arresting ability thatcan¹t be missed.

Nila Minnerock¹s seminal bass playing, dark, beautiful, aggressive, melodic,fills out the bottom end of the band. Her joined-at-the-hip connection withClementine began nine years ago in BOTTOM, and close to 20 trips around theUS, Canada and Europe and three records have created the remarkablyintuitive rhythm section that Zeppelin deserves.  Nila also currently playsin the metal band Mudface with Ted Aguilar of Death Angel.Clementine tackles the best rock drumming ever written with her ownpowerfully passionate style, bringing the Motown influence of the Bonhamgroove to the forefront.  As Phyllis Rudd in AC/DShe and throughout the runof BOTTOM, she developed a heavy-hitting sound suited to attempt Zeppelin.The musical connection established with Gretchen in AC/DShe and the lifelongrhythmic conversation with Nila creates the bond required to do this greatmusic justice. 

Individuals with widely diverse musical tastes, Led Zeppelin¹s music iscommon ground. The magic of Zeppelin was the dynamic energy between the fourmusicians, and the songs allow Zepparella to feel that energy too. So it'snatural that they begin a project of original music, The House of More.

Bringing the western United States stellar events for over a year, the ZepQuartette revel in creating spectacular multi-media events. A favorite was anight celebrating the gorgeous surrealism of the late 60¹s, complete withTom Jonesing opening the show and the girls playing an all-Zep soundtrack tothe movie Barbarella.

Advance tickets are available at Music Coop, Lowdown; Medford: Bad A$$Coffee, Six One Nine, Jacks Board House; Musichead;  Merlin: Victoria¹sStation; Grants Pass: Listen Hear; Williams General Store;  All Tickets Westoutlets; online at,, ticketswest.comand

For information or phone orders call Renegade Productions at 530-583-2801.
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