2010 Shaklee Kickoff!

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your American Dream?

Where did you put your American Dream? Did you set it aside along with all the bad news about the economy? Give up on your plans for the future? There is hope!

I’ve partnered with an incredible company where the American Dream is alive and thriving. It’s Shaklee, the number one natural nutrition company in the United States, and we’re helping people just like you reclaim their own American Dream–whether it’s more money, more time with family, or a career you can be passionate about.

Click here to hear from Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett about how you can reclaim YOUR American Dream, and meet others who are doing it!

Shaklee has created a clear path to achieving your version of the American Dream, with exciting perks along the way, including:

 INCOME: The potential to earn a career income based on what you decide to put into it, with freedom and flexibility.
 BETTER HEALTH: New cutting edge product; our prescription for better health with our guarantee – “Feel better than today in the next 30 days…or your money back.”
 TRIPS: The potential to earn four exciting trips – Anaheim, Napa Valley, Caribbean Cruise, San Francisco

Join me on Saturday, January 9, 2010 to hear more, including a special keynote message from international entrepreneur, Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett talking about “The American Dream 2.0” and how you can leverage the biggest growth trends in the market today to reclaim your American Dream.

Please Join Us
Medford Public Library
(if you are in another area of the US or Canada and would like to attend one of the meetings close to you, let me know and I will help find one near you)
Saturday January 9th


Our meeting is co-hosted by Lotus Rising Project and Delaine Due Second Generation.

Lotus Rising Project is enrolled in Shaklee’s new non-profit fundraising program. Our meeting will include information about this program for other non-profits who want to consider applying.

Who should come:

  • those with an interest in living in harmony with nature
  • those interested in nature and science…the best natural nutritional support products in the US
  • those interested in healthy babies and children
  • those interested in helping make a difference
  • those interested in the best green cleaning products on the market
  • those interested in saving money on healthy products
  • those interested in Project MAHMA
  • those interesed in extra income or career income

Drawings for Vivix, a GPS and other items for guests in attendance 
(anyone who is not currently a member).

In good health,
Delaine Due


Contact me for more info at or (800)466-7005

Delaine Due Second Generation 

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