A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is one of the most attractive physical characteristics.  I believe that this is because a smile represents so much.  A smile has been called the universal language of kindness; it can initiate a friendship or diffuse confrontation without any words.  It has the ability to brighten someone’s day, lessen loneliness, and offer comfort.  It represents both compassion and confidence.

Smile and the world smiles with you…. This is the motto for Jones Family Dental.  Our business is that of making smiles both figuratively and literally.  Figuratively we want you to have a great experience.  From your phone call to the first day in the practice to our last words to you as you leave your appointment; we want to make you smile.  And of course we are literally in the business of making great smiles.  In the thousands of exams I have performed over the years I am surprised by how many people are unhappy with their smile.  Often these individuals don’t even like to smile because they feel self-conscious.  We have developed the necessary skills and partnerships with specialists to make your smile exceptional.

Here is a list of services that we offer at Jones Family Dental to make your smile dazzle:

In office Whitening:  I like to call this a smile booster!  It ramps up your whitening process and comes with whitening trays and whitening material to continue whitening at home.  We also offer a program called Whitening for Life.  Call for details.

Invisalign:  Invisalign is the industry leader in clear, “bracketless” orthodontic treatment.  Imagine moving your teeth without wires and brackets.  You can take the trays out to eat, brush and floss.  The trays are nearly invisible and the process is comfortable.  This technology has come a long way and for those who can’t or don’t want to wear brackets and wires on their teeth, this treatment is a wonderful alternative.

All ceramic veneers and crowns:  Maybe you are familiar with the black line along the gums of crowns in the past, well all ceramic crowns and veneers can eliminate that tell tale sign of a crown. They have the ability to blend seamlessly with your other teeth and often look so natural that they are hard to identify as a crown or veneer.

Bridges and Implants:  For those of you who are missing teeth an implant with a beautiful crown is as close we can get to growing a new tooth.  In some cases a bridge is a better/more practical alternative but both can often restore your smile beautifully.

Cerec one visit crowns:  You are probably familiar with the process of going to the dentist for a preparation of a tooth for a crown, a gooey impression, a temporary, then coming back to the office and a final cementation of your crown.  With a Cerec CAD/CAM machine a single visit crown is possible.  No impression material. No temporaries.

Composite fillings:  Often just a few composite fillings can go a long way toward restoring a confident smile.  We utilize the most advanced composite bonding procedures and techniques to provide, not only beautiful but also durable restorations.

Last but certainly not least we have a hygiene team that is second to none.  We utilize ultrasonic cleaners, prophy-jet, diagnodent, digital x-rays, and intra-oral cameras to help protect and maintain your new smile.  You get much more than a tooth cleaning and polishing at Jones Family Dental, you get a partner in dental wellness.

This is a great letter form one my patients that shared how much her new smile means to her.

MEMO TO: Charles E. Jones, DDS
FROM: Cecelia Worlton
RE: Your Excellent Service

Since you finished my teeth and I’ve been so happy with them, I want to make sure you understand what a life-changing event this has been for me.

I have had crooked teeth my whole life. When I was in my 40s I had to have my bottom teeth straightened by an orthodontist; however, I had to wait to do my top teeth due to finances. Well, many years went by and finally I had the opportunity to have them done.

I had been going to another dentist for years before you moved into the area, so I got an estimate from him to have my top teeth crowned so they would appear straight. I was not happy with the estimate I received from him so I decided to try your office.  I brought in a copy of his estimate without his pricing showing. Your estimate was much less for the same services.

In addition to the pricing difference, I was also on a difficult timeline, as I wanted to have my teeth looking better by my class reunion. You started my treatment promptly and I was done and “out the door,” so to speak, in time for my reunion.

I didn’t know, until my teeth were finished, that I really didn’t know how to smile.  Now I am not embarrassed and eagerly smile.

Dr. Jones, both you and your office staff work so well that it calmed all my fears and made the treatment very pleasant.  I truly respect your professionalism and the way you discussed my dental plan with me prior to any work being done. My decision to finally have this work done was made easy through your thorough care and I am SO VERY HAPPY with the results.

A great big THANK YOU for everything.

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