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Ashland Devo

Mountain Biking For Youth


Ashland DEVO was created to cultivate grit, resilience, and camaraderie in our youth through the sport of mountain biking. We aim to accomplish this by teaching skills, building community, and enriching self confidence by challenging our kids on bikes. Offering a safe, progressive, and sometimes challenging learning environment is paramount in reaching these goals.


To Our Community:

The idea for Ashland DEVO was born in 2017, rising from the clear need for more local youth-oriented opportunities in mountain biking. It’s no secret that today’s generation of children are facing serious threats to their health and well-being due to a myriad of factors. Access to unhealthy food, excess screen time, and living in a world of instant gratification has created a culture that significantly impedes the development of problem solving skills and resilience needed to overcome real challenges in life. Good things come from hard work, and never has this been more important than in the present.

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