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Ashland Neurofeedback & Therapy

August Client Testimonial from one of our inspiring Clients:

I have done a lot of inner work in my life. In 2018, I went through some very difficult health and personal issues which added trauma onto pre-existing trauma. Even though I was working hard at healing, I was at a standstill. Stuck! Suzanne graciously took me on. I saw her twice a week. I cannot pinpoint when things changed for me. What I do know is that things have changed. For me it wasn’t just the micro current neurofeedback, it was Suzanne too. Her open heart as well as the wisdom she imparted to me along the way touched me deeply. The things she offers work well together. 

I’m different than when I first came to her. I’ve had a lifetime of anxiety, depression and trauma (66 years) that got hardwired in my brain. Now I’m moving forward once again. On fire actually. Though still and forever a work in progress, I am once again ready, willing and living with great vision and hope in my life. More so then before my work with Suzanne. It’s quite freeing to just be me now. I am no longer a prisoner of the dictates of my brain!

With grace and gratitude,

LF – Ashland, Oregon

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback works to help your brain heal itself by self regulating. Your natural ability to heal is able to take over with the right information and stimulation. You can get unstuck in a fraction of the time of other treatments. Please call us today at 541 631-8757 for a no-obligation consultation about how Micro-current Neurofeedback can help you change your life.


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