August Story Leads

Here are a few story leads for anyone who would like to pursue them:

  • Shields’ Neighbor Carol is a very interesting elderly woman who has led a full life traveling and living life as a Jazz musician. She has some great stories to tell and could lead to a great interview.
  • An Ashland Resident called in to report that an elderly neighbor weeds the neighborhood for free. She would like a LocalsGuide member to tag team an interview with her.
  • A guy in Ashland has a cool dog house for his dog Merlin. We need someone to take some photos and ask Merlin’s owner for the story behind Merlin’s dog house.
  • Anyone going to multiple cook-outs this Fourth of July? We would like to read about your adventures.
  • Shuttle Bug of Ashland meets hundreds of tourists each month. We need a member to go on a ride-along to help interview and podcast what these tourists are feeding back about Southern Oregon.
  • Ever see those bi-pedal covered bikes in front of the Lithia Springs Hotel? We can set you up to interview the guy who makes them: Mark Anthony.

And this is just a start. If you have an idea for a story, post it below. Want help or seeking someone to collaborate on a story with you? Look around on the site for a likely suspect, contact The_Associate or post your needs below as a comment.

Hurry and call your lead today! The deadline for the August issue is just around the corner.

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