Guess Whats Next?

So I was in the Downtowne Coffee house yesterday and my friend Dan says.. hey.. I got to show you something.. I got something here which is going to blow you away. We jump in my car and drive out to his house…. 5 blocks away.. of course.Cool

Dan.. aka the Jedi_Barista has just scored himself a new Stretch Caddy Limo.. and LocalsGuide is going to team up with him to style the car out.. and you.. are going to help us….

We will soon be posting a wish list to PIMP his Ride so stay tuned.. after we accomplish our dream.. you the members will get first hand access to the dream..
Lets just say we are going to be giving alot of people rides. Ok, hang in there for fresh updates – Paparazzi
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Capturing the lifestyle of the unknown celebrity!

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