Humvee IT!

I teamed up with DAS AutoBahn to go for a spin in his H2 Hummer. Here is what I have to say about it.

One of the first things you will notice about the H2 Hummer is that when you open the doors a step bar drops down along the side of the car so that you can step up into the thing. Considering you would need a ladder otherwise.

This car is plush and comparable to what I might say a pumped up station wagon with heated seats, Satellite phone and GPS map system. It really makes me wonder why they don’t just make more “Normal Cars” with some of these features. I am kinda feeling ripped off here.

For example: 4WD

They invent the concept that a car can have 4WD. It makes the car safer and allows it to drive in place that a 2WD would absolutely fail.

They solved a problem and then exploited the invention of 4WD so that you have to pay more if you want this feature.

I tend to prefer the idea that once you solve a problem “Games Over” set the solution free and then work on the next problem. Which means become more innovative and stop reinventing the wheel.

Which takes me back to this H2.

Whether you like the car or not, it is a magnificent tool and when you put a human behind that power you have a lot of choice for how to use this tool. Just like the Lamborghini i took a spin in last month.

The bottom line is P O N T E N T I A L

If you have a piece of Junk car and it can only perform at a certain level are you really going to be prone to push the limits and or feel empowered when you are passing that tractor trailer on the Highway and you suddenly realize you need to speed it up or get crushed.

Trust me I have been there, might still be with my current car..

You push the pedal to the floor and you get nada…. especially if you are in, say a VW bus.

With the H2 you could drive off of the highway, take out a few trees and still survive. Of course you could take out a school bus as well, but my point is this.

If you are going to participate in life get a good tool to support you. IE.. make a HUMMER SCHOOL BUS so that we all can live well.

And write your state representative to request a mandate that all cars meet higher levels of customer satisfaction and they make it affordable. Not everyone would choose a hummer but wouldn’t you like to know your little Honda could with stand the test.

I’m not saying this car doesn’t gas guzzle.. I’m saying this car does the job well.

I’ve got more to rant here.. just think about the airplane.

They invent this thing called First Class Seating and then stuff everyone else back in the sardine seats.

B U I L D – A -B I G G E R – F R I C K E N – AIRPLANE and call it a HUMMER!

Right Click on any of these images to open it in a new window and you can download a high res version of the pic – Enjoy

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