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Through undisclosed sources, Paparazzi was able to track down Lamborghini Man in Ashland. After a brief phone call, he granted an exclusive interview. Here is what Paparazzi reported back to LocalsGuide.


When you think of who would own a Lamborghini, you might think movie star, celebrity or the ultra-rich jet setter. But, you might never think it might be your neighbor… as is the case in this story.


That’s right! Lamborghini Man is one of us… living with his wife and kids in Ashland as a normal citizen. He has a day job and everything. He has had a dream to have a Lamborghini for the last 20 years, finally the time was right in his family’s life and they decided to take the leap. Just imagine the next time your family is getting ready to buy a new car maybe someone wants to throw a vote in for a Lambo… it’s at least worth a try!


Q: So first off, how do you get a Lamborghini to Ashland?

A: Buy it online, of course, and have it delivered by FEDEX.


Q: What was your first reaction when you saw the car?

A: The car was unloaded in the large lot adjacent to Shop N Kart. As soon as we were driving over the bridge, we looked down and could see it. The reaction by every

member in our family was basically, like, OH MY GOD!!! It was unexplainable.


Q: What was your previous car?

A: 1996 Dodge Plymouth Voyager


Q: When you drive it do you get dressed up?

A: Yep. Levi’s, Polo Shirt and Ray Bans


Q: Now, this car attracts a lot of attention; is it mostly from men or women?

A: Everyone! Men, women, kids, even Grandmas. It’s absolutely amazing how much attention this car attracts.


Q: What are the three most common questions you’re asked?

A: How Fast? How Much? Can I have a ride?


Q: Do you have a cup holder, and can it hold a Super Big Gulp?

A: Yep. Got a cup holder, working on the Super Big Gulp part.



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