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Book Savvy Studio – Full Service Book Design

Introducing Chris Molé of Book Savvy Studio. As one of Ashland’s top print and book designers, Chris has been providing professional book design and creative services in Ashland for the past 20 years. She specializes in book cover design, interior layout, and marketing guidance for today’s self-publishing authors. Chris offers outstanding covers, engaging interiors, and […]

Building a Successful Author “Brand”

Branding isn’t just a term relevant to businesses; it is an important element in marketing for authors, too. Your book’s content, cover, website design, social media pages and blogs; your interaction in forums and public events—everything you write, do and say, even emails, all combine to build your brand, that is: how readers perceive, remember, […]

Your Book’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Let’s just say it. Without a good cover, your book won’t sell. In bookstores and online, people are drawn to books by their covers and when making a choice, all things being equal, they’ll choose the more compelling cover every time.  If yours is less than exciting, you’ll lose the sale. Here’s what marketing analysis […]


Millions of women suffer quietly, often secretly, some variation of missed motherhood. They suffer in silence rather than being able to explore and express the feelings and receive the support necessary to integrate the losses and create a joyful life.  Roughly 75% of women fall into one or more of the following categories, although many […]

How to Self-Publish Books with Traditionally Published Quality

The stigma of self-publishing will diminish as more authors take their role as publishers seriously and hire professionals for design, editing and marketing.  Authors will become sharper in these areas through working with specialists, but aren’t likely to gain the level of expertise it took these professionals many years to achieve. Here are some tips […]

7 Reasons to Self-publish Your Book

First, a definition: Self-publishing is the publication of a book by the author without the help or involvement of a mainstream, subsidy or independent publishing company.  The author is responsible for the entire publishing process including editing, design, format choices, price, distribution, marketing, social media & PR.  Authors can do all of this themselves but […]

Book Recommendation:

APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch If you’re a writer and planning to publish, buy this book!  And the earlier in your process, the better.  APE will save you sleepless nights, fruitless efforts and a stack of money, as it enlightens and guides you […]