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APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book
by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

If you’re a writer and planning to publish, buy this book!  And the earlier in your process, the better.  APE will save you sleepless nights, fruitless efforts and a stack of money, as it enlightens and guides you through a well-researched and tested blueprint for navigating the new publishing universe.

Written by Guy Kawasaki and technologically informed by Shawn Welch, this is 2013’s essential tool kit of seasoned advice, tactics and resources for authors and publishers.  In a friendly, conversational writing style, Kawasaki de mystifies the publishing process while placing the keys for success directly in the author’s hands. He provides an exhaustive inventory of all that is required to successfully self-publish. His intention that, “When the self-publisher successfully fills three roles – author, publisher and entrepreneur – he or she is an ‘artisanal publisher,’” is deeply empowering.  “Artisanal publisher” describes a writer who has nurtured his or her craft and has learned to control every aspect of the APE process and is thereby freed from sometimes predatory author service companies and fear of rejection by large traditional publishers.

APE offers a menu of actionable strategies and resources:

  • Tools for writers that facilitate efficiency, practical skills and habits
  • How to avoid the self-published look
  • Essential services NOT to do yourself (covers for one, I’m pleased to say)
  • Reasonable minimum and maximum costs for these and other services
  • How to use author-services and print-on-demand companies.
  • How to format, upload and price your book and navigate Amazon’s Kindle and Create Space services.
  • How to guerrilla market your book.

The last five chapters are devoted to the what, why, and how of developing a robust social media network that will become an ally in your success. Even if you’re a seasoned user of social media, you’ll find new tips and tools here.

Finally, the  APE website is a free resource where you’ll find hundreds of links to items mentioned in the book.  While APE is more oriented to non-fiction than fiction, any author will find this book well worth reading.  For under $20, you’ll have a practical guide to the modern publishing universe.

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