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Reasoning COVID-19

Introduction There is a lot of bad information out there about COVID-19 and that information can range from being a hoax to being the zombie apocalypse. But keep in mind something Abraham Lincoln said – “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Also, much of what is being covered in the news and social […]

Spring Cleaning: Not Just For Your House

By Dr. Hannah Force Conry Spring is coming! The middle of March marks our transition to spring. Nature is in a process of renewal, birthing, blooming, waking, and showing off her beauty. Our innate nature is to follow these same cycles. Seasonal transitions affect us as has been studied and shown by Traditional Chinese Medicine. […]

Presence Over Presents

By Dr. Hannah Conry ND Please note that the article in last months LocalsGuide (November 2019) titled “Keeping Healthy Through the Holidays” was actually authored by Dr. Hannah Conry. My younger son (he’s in 4th grade) had a project at the beginning of the school year that was to create a timeline of his life […]

Keeping Healthy Through the Holidays

It is the time of year that always seems to go by in a blur. Blink 3 times and you have gone from the beginning of October to the beginning of January without a moment to rest and process the season. This is also the time of year where we tend to get sick! It is […]

The Elements of Health: New Healthcare Clinic in Ashland Mark Campbell Force, DC Hannah Force Conry, DC

Something exciting is happening in Ashland. Dr. Hannah Conry has joined her father, Dr. Mark Force, in practice at a newly opened functional healthcare clinic, The Elements of Health, located on A Street in the Railroad District. Dr. Conry grew up with chiropractic applied kinesiology care from immediately after her birth and later by assisting […]

System-Driven Healthcare

The Healthcare Problem US healthcare is the most expensive in the world. In 2007, 45% of Americans were living with one or more chronic disease(s) and that 45% accounted for 75% of the almost $2.4 trillion spent on health care that year. About $3 out of every $4 spent on healthcare is used to treat […]

Yin and Yang: Key To Health and Wellness

Yin and yang are the foundation of all things; all that exists is a manifestation of yin and yang… The Great Integrity expresses one. One manifests as two. Two is transformed into three. And three generates all the myriad entities of the universe. Every entity always returns to yin after engaging yang. The fusion of […]

Headaches: A Complex Health Problem

Headaches, as too many people unfortunately know, can be incredibly frustrating to diagnose and treat. There are vascular headaches (migraine, toxic, and cluster headaches) and tension headaches (tension, chronic muscle contraction, inflammatory, and traction headaches). There are headaches related to specific health conditions that include trauma (concussion), cardiovascular disease, tumors, and conditions of the thyroid, […]

Why The Heck Am I Here?: A Chiropractic Tale

It’s halfway through the day and I’m examining Mike while he’s lying face down on the table and I’m testing a leg muscle to determine how his spine needs to be adjusted. We’d started working together a month before. Mike had come into the office, full of trepidation about seeing a chiropractor, to get treatment […]

Creating Joy

Joy is an inside job. The process for creating joy is internally controlled an internally derived. It doesn’t depend on anything but your attention and practice. What follows is a template for creating joy. Enjoy and may it serve you. Optimize Your Health Being healthy make joy easier. Eat real food, don’t eat too much, […]

Does Muscle Testing Work?

So many doctors and therapists – even lay people – are doing it these days! Testing muscles to find out about allergies, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, infections, inflammation, organ function/dysfunction, acupuncture, joint and muscle problems, it goes on and on. Muscle testing seems amazing and so useful! A few muscle tests and the muscle tester […]

The Three Treasures and Origins of Acupuncture

History and Origins We know that bian shi (sharpened stones) have been found in Mongolia that date to the Neolithic period (~7,000 BC in Asia) and archeologists believe they were used for a type of acupuncture. Fish bone needles were used in Korea as early as 3,000 BC. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine […]

Genetics, Methylation, and Why You Or Someone You Know Can’t Get Well

Methylation dysfunction can result in a huge range of health problems because of the basic way the problem affects cellular functions. Cell division and the manufacture of proteins with each cell depends on methylation. Because of this, tissues that rely on a high rate of turnover suffer and your ability to repair and recover is […]

Why Chiropractic?

After all, all it does is crack your back. Right? Seems pretty weird and not really that useful. Couldn’t a lot of other things – massage, physical therapy, yoga, strength training – do a better job anyway? First, about that popping. It’s actually caused by a vacuum created in the capsule surrounding a joint when […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: New Science, New Answers

The Stress of Life Life is stress – we all have to deal with the stress of life itself. But, sometimes our ability to handle it all – to adapt – crumbles away and we are left exhausted and overwhelmed. Everything seems like too much to handle and we aren’t ourselves anymore. Foggy-headed, unable to […]

One In Five!: A Common Cause For Chronic Illnesses

One in five people seeking healthcare from a family practitioner have this cause for their condition! It is the “elephant in the room” that few doctors see or even know to look for. Peer-review medical research concludes – 20% of people seeking healthcare in a family practice setting have this as primary cause or significant […]


“Drink tequila for good bone health!” “Love tequila? You might just have got another solid reason to drink up!” “This isn’t the first time tequila has been hailed for its health benefits either – it can also help lower blood sugar, aid weight loss and even fight cholesterol.” Dressing Up the Research Journalists have used […]

Cortisol – The Stress Hormone and Your Health

With high levels of stress, the body releases from the adrenal glands a hormone called cortisol to strengthen adaptation. Balanced functions of cortisol are essential to your health, but chronically high cortisol breaks your body down. It is a common cause for illness in people who are chronically stressed. Insulin is the body’s most anabolic hormone […]

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is an epidemic in the US. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 33.5% of adults high blood pressure. Your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, and brain are injured by chronic high blood pressure and the condition increases the risk for heart attack, heart failure, stroke or TIA, aneurysm, kidney […]

The Elephant in the Room: Chemical Intolerance

People who have chemical intolerance can’t escape. They suffer from the air they breath, what touches their skin, and what they eat. Seemingly everything around them triggers suffering. Being in a moldy room, eating food with artificial colors and flavors, being in a room with new carpeting, being near someone with strong perfume, eating/drinking or […]

Intermittent Fasting: Reset for Body Function

Long-lived peoples characteristically eat in moderation and fast periodically. Caloric restriction has been studied extensively, and the results are convincing – lab animals on caloric-restricted diets or those that intermittently fasted lived longer and exhibited fewer degenerative diseases as they aged. Feasting and Fasting – Our Genetic Heritage Caloric restriction (CR) is well researched and […]

Knee Pain: Answers Are Often Elsewhere

Knee pain can be a great and greatly frustrating mystery. Though a clear injury is often the cause, it’s not unusual for knee pain to start with no apparent cause. It’s common for people to go from doctor to physical therapist to trainer and back to yet another doctor attempting to find a solution. And, […]

The Fast Way To Better Health

Long-lived peoples typically eat moderately and fast periodically. Caloric restriction (CR) leads to an extended life-span and less age-related health decline (senescence) and chronic degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.). Intermittent fasting (IF) shows the same effect as CR – even without an overall reduction in caloric intake. Hormesis? Hormesis is a hot new concept in research […]

Aerobic Base Training

Aerobic Base Training – The Most Important Exercise You’re Missing? Pushing weight is fun! Then there is interval training – pushing and resting, again and again, feels great. Once you get into the groove of pushing your body, it makes you smile with the joyful physicality of it. Then there is aerobic training. You know […]

Genetic Testing

There is much buzz these days about genetic testing and its’ promise to provide answers for the many complex and chronic illnesses that are often difficult to diagnose and tend to respond poorly to care. Genetic testing can be profoundly useful as a clinical tool, given certain caveats. These tests do give us detailed information […]

The Neurology of Gratitude

We know that gratitude is good for us. But, how does gratitude affect our physiology? Our nervous system? Is there a neurology of gratitude? Your Brain’s Filter – The Reticular Activating System Yes! The reticular activating system (RAS) is a part of the brain stem (the transitional area between the brain and spinal cord) that […]