The Principles of Healing

Your Body is Naturally Self-Healing

“Natural forces are the healers of disease.”

~ Hippocrates

There is a vital force, an innate intelligence, inherent to all living things. Your innate intelligence works to heal and regulate your body. In other words, it is your natural state to be self-healing, self-regulating, well and vital, and to fully express your inherent strengths and gifts. Science calls the expression of this principle homeostasis.

Resolve Cause to Restore Function

“Find it, fix it, and leave it alone.”

~ Clarence Gonstead, DC

To get well and stay well you have to treat the cause of a symptom or dysfunction. Treating symptoms can be useful in the short run, but will never get you well. Treating symptoms, for instance, by getting an epinephrine shot if you have a severe asthma attack can even save your life. However, by treating the symptom and not the cause, you can pretty much count on having to treat the same symptoms into the future. It’s like fanning smoke and never putting out the fire.

Resolving cause, however, is an extremely efficient way of restoring your health. Once the cause for a health problem is eliminated, the myriad symptoms associated with the underlying health problem will tend to resolve spontaneously.

Balance the Triad of Health as a Whole

“Anything can cause anything.”

~ Lance West, DC

Your body is an incredibly complex and completely integrated system.

The Triad of Health is a model that acknowledges the interplay and interconnectedness of your structural/neurological, chemical/genetic, and mental/spiritual aspects.

All aspects of the triad of health must be considered, and all relationships between the aspects of the triad of health included. These various aspects are part of a unified whole. The parts of the whole are actually one.

Healing is a Process

We’ve been trained to believe that the answer for most health problems is a specific pill, potion, or procedure and that we should be fixed pretty much right then and there, or at least within a few days. Your body can heal itself on that kind of schedule, but not always.

Severe and/or chronic health problems take time for your body to heal. Healing is a process, not an event. Drugs and other therapies may change symptoms rapidly, but healing may not coincide with a change in symptoms. Often pills, potions, and treatment manage symptoms, but don’t restore function and lead to deeper healing. The gold standard for ultimately healing is that you no longer need treatment or medication – your body, mind, and spirit is now strong, resilient, robust, self-regulating, and self-healing. Maintaining health certainly requires conscious and conscientious selfcare, but shouldn’t require constant treatment or medication.

Look for the underlying causes to find real solutions. Address the cause, restore function, and give yourself time to heal. Be patient and know in the long run you’ll be way ahead of the health game.

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Dr. Mark Force

Practice And Mission These experiences and practicing since 1984 have helped me be a catalyst for helping people heal from chronic and complex illnesses that commonly get dropped through the cracks. It’s an honor to be present to people healing; I love the work and study associated with it. There have been many gifted mentors over the years who have shared their knowledge - Lance West, DC, Harry Eidenier, PhD, David Walther, DC, and George Goodheart, DC - and I am extremely grateful to perpetuate their work and vision through practice, teaching, mentoring, writing, and research. My mission now is to turn the knowledge base I've gained from mentors and practice into books and courses for people to practice selfcare and doctors to incorporate more natural healthcare into their practices.

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