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Martial Arts Builds Confidence in Teens. Here is why.

The thought of teenagers applying martial art training against a bully conjures up images of planned chaos resulting in extreme physical harm. However the opposite is true. When a young adult puts in the time to train in the physical moves of the martial arts he or she will learn the medical implications of those […]

Unrealistic Expectations

Disclaimer: This article is focused on individuals the author’s age (62) and older. First the bad news. Well, let’s call it the harsh reality. The time when you looked in the mirror and decided that you needed to workout and went to the gym and resurrected the old high school exercise and strength training routine […]

Conditioning for those 60 and older

I wanted this article to be about the physical conditioning necessary to a healthy life style. But I didn’t want it to pertain to those younger enthusiasts who exercise because they want to, or as a fad, or as part of a social gathering. I wanted to address, what? Seniors…hmm, no, the aging, that’s not […]

Come train with me

If you have studied the Martial Arts and are middle rank to black belt and wish to continue your study in a private situation while working out, come train with me. I’m seeking 4 mature individuals between the age of 50 and 65 years to train with me in my private gym and dojo in […]

Are you Conditioned enough to Exercise?

The question of being conditioned enough to exercise sounds odd. But I’ve had enough injured people come through my door that I thought this would be a good topic. The real question is how do I start a new exercise routine. In a word or two, go slow. Non-strength bearing exercise should involve the same […]

Five Common Self Defense Myths

Myth #1 Your anger-going ballistic, combined with specific moves will subdue your opponent. Fact Rage has no place in a self defense situation. In contrast being prepared with a response based on knowledge,  practice and strategic evaluation gives you a better chance of escaping your attacker. A thrashing display of anger not only dilutes a […]

Staying safe in a dangerous world

On the street, in your car, at home and everywhere in between Lets jump right in with a an attack on your person. You’re taken totally by surprise by an attack from behind where the assailant grabs you by the shoulders or neck. Your first response is to step forward with the left foot, driven […]

Are super hero’s here to stay???

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes so it is with the super heros of old. The question this article will attempt to shed a little light on is WHY? Why the resurgence of the likes of Superman, Batman, Ironman, the Hulk, Green lantern, and even Captain America. Most super heros were created in the […]

The Games Afoot

Yikes! The games afoot. The title of the movie says it all…Sherlock Holmes. Cast : Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams Direction: Guy Ritchie Genre: Action/ Thriller. Director Guy Ritchie really caught the sights and sounds of London 1891. Polluted, crowded, and populated with women of questionable character, scruffy street venders, and children that […]