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Praise for the Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series

The 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration affects people in unique and profound ways. My own story is compelling. I was shyly and naively seeking relief from pain and as a result I was transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually into the confident and knowledgeable person I am today. My personal transformation continues on a daily […]

A Better Life

“Sue” recently reported to me that “…sitting up straight while working at the computer used to take so much effort and energy to sustain. Now I feel this posture is more natural for me.” As a graphic designer “Sue” spends a significant amount of time sitting or standing at the computer most every day. I […]

“It’s Never Too Early”

Rolfing could not have come soon enough for me!  The childhood injury I suffered had taken its toll on my wellbeing by the time I was in my early twenties.  I managed to “ignore” the discomfort for several more years before Rolfing was suggested to me as an alternative to the other modalities I had […]

Beyond The 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration

For many people the Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series is just the beginning of their Rolf work journey.  In fact it does not matter if an individual was “Rolfed” 20 years ago or two months ago.  Subsequent sessions are beneficial for enhancing and building upon the accomplishment of previous sessions.  Rolf work beyond the 10 […]

The Yoga of Structural Integration

My love of mountain biking, snowboarding and running is what brought me here to Oregon from my birthplace in Oklahoma.  I vividly remember feeling awe and inspiration while out on the trails amongst mighty Doug Firs, lush, fern-laden forests and the amazing views these places in northwest Oregon afforded while I was doing what I […]