What’s up with the 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration?

The 10 Series of Rolf Structural Integration is a profoundly beneficial process of bodywork therapy to unwind and realign the body.  For individuals, who have chronic pain, overuse injuries, postural or a structural issue, the 10 Series is the most direct and efficient use of their time and money to meet their bodywork needs.  This process, which is the hallmark of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, does more than merely address symptoms, but works systematically with the entire body connection.   There is a particular order and alignment where the body functions most optimally and this is blueprint we encourage in Rolf work.  Over 10 sessions the various and unique compensation patterns are addressed so the entire network of soft tissue and bones work better.  Many of my clients come to Rolf work relatively pain free but choose this protocol to enhance their overall physicality, movement and wellbeing.  This unique approach creates and enhances health as a long-term benefit for pain and dysfunction.

I have many requests for information regarding the 10 Series and would like to share an overview of “grandma’s recipe” with you.

1st Session- The “breathing session” focuses on opening, lengthening, and freeing the superficial muscle and tissue layer as they relates to the movement of breath.
2nd Session- The “foot session” lengthens and supports the back by establishing the foundation of the feet and lower legs.
3rd Session- The “lateral line session” is characterized by the attention placed on working the tissues on the sides of the body, typically from the lateral knee all the way up to the ears.  4th Session- The “core session” works with the continuation of tissue from the inner arch along the inner thigh and how it connects to the base of the pelvis.
5th Session- The “abdominal session” is characterize by work on the layers of abdominal and core muscles so they have more freedom to perform the way they are intended to.
6th Session- The “sacrum session” addresses the hamstring muscles and the outer hip muscles.  Meticulous attention is paid to the multitude of subtle, yet important muscle layers accessed in the back of the hip.
7th Session- The “head and neck session” is focused around the entire “collar” of the neck to unwind neck tension and enhance the natural curvature of the neck.  Work is performed on the jaw, face and scalp to help balance the upper vertebrae and skull.
8th, 9th and 10th Session- The “integration sessions” put all of the pieces and themes from the previous work into an integrated whole by readdressing and reeducating the new body.

Each session is 75 minutes in length.  If you would like more information feel free to call (541-214-8980) or visit my website:  I am currently offering a discount of 10% on Rolf Structural Integration 10 Series paid in full.

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