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What is an Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift is a really vague term that refers to opening up the eyes so they look refreshed and less tired.  But how exactly is that accomplished? It turns out there are many ways of rejuvenating sleepy, tired, baggy eyes and dark circles underneath.  First comes the most important step:  a careful evaluation of […]

Bumps & Lumps

I see a lot of people with growths on their lids.  Sometimes they discover the spot themselves.  But most times they are referred to me by another eye physician for a second opinion.  A lot of these bumps and lumps are bothersome or unsightly and can be removed with a surprisingly comfortable technique.  Most are […]

“Why Are You Crying?”

Watery eyes can cause a lot of embarrassment.  Well meaning people may ask if you are sad or upset.  Nothing is wrong… except you don’t know why your eye is misbehaving.  Constant wetness on the skin can make it crack and hurt because tears are very different from water.  Tears contain a lot of proteins, […]