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Estate Planning Basics for All

Most of us are familiar with the slang terms “Trustafarian” or more recently in the news, “Trust Fund Baby Syndrome.” But what we often, falsely, associate with trusts and estate planning is wealth. We incorrectly assume people with more moderate assets do not need an estate plan. This is simply not true. Estate planning, whether […]

Trademarking your Business Name, Logo and Slogan

Amazon, Nike’s swish, and Fly the Friendly Skies; one is a single word, one a symbol and one a slogan. All different, yet all three independently draw a distinct image in our mind about a specific business’s goods, services and thus associated quality. The power of branding is an important component of a solid business […]

To Form a Company or Not to Form a Company: That is the Question

As an entrepreneur, I wondered, “What’s the big deal with forming a legal company such as an LLC or Corporation? After all, it is only me and a few employees.”  Others have thought, “Yeah, he has helped occasionally manage and paid some bills but we are not partners.” It’s thoughts like these that have led […]