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Be Yourself, Only Better- Regain Control of Your Health

Evidence-based, Whole Health Education®, serves as a roadmap, allowing you to look at and gain insight into your unique health symptoms, based upon your physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual and environmental habits and needs. Using  “A Whole Person Health Approach”, offers you an in-depth look into five essential aspects of your life, which affect your quality of living and daily function. Examining The Five Aspects of Health creates an awareness with which to understand your unique picture of health.

Within The Whole Health Model are several essential components. They include: Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence, The Five Aspects of Health, Demystified Health Information, Health Advocacy, Collaboration and facilitation in creating your personal Action Plan.

Behavioral Engagement and Pure Presencedeveloped by Whole Health pioneer, Georgianna Donadio, support an intentional, multidimensional, whole person focused approach, with your facilitator fully present for you; allowing for deep interpersonal communication, connection and emotional shift which catalyze lasting behavioral change. This process offers an opening for you to look inside; connect to yourself and pull out deeply buried thoughts. Using this process, the initial in-take interview allows you to feel seen and listened too without distraction or interruption as you are facilitated in examining the multidimensional aspects of your life. Behavioral Engagement helps you share your story while allowing you to access and integrate your inner wisdom, information, and stored memory.

The Five Aspects of Whole Health play a central role in Whole Health Education. In taking an in-depth look into the Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Environmental and Spiritual areas of your life, you begin to identify imbalances contributing to health problems and get clarity into your “Big Picture of Health.”

Demystified Health Information offers you concise, understandable, evidence-based health information; helping you clearly see your health issues. There is strong evidence that the sharing of “demystified”, evidence-based, new health information, catalyzes people to take charge of their own healing process. Though this seems simple, after receiving and discussing new health information, clients report it is like someone suddenly turned on a light switch, allowing for connection of their wellness dots.

The Action Plan allows you to take control of your health and become the master of your wellness. Through active collaboration with your facilitator, over a period of five sessions, you will create your unique Personal Action Plan. In this collaborative process, you choose which of The Five Aspects of Health to work with while focusing on manageable changes in lifestyle and daily habits.

Health Advocacy offers collaboration, coordination and sharing of health information with your medical providers; guiding you to the best practitioners (traditional or alternative) for your specific needs; accompanying you or a family member to medical appointments and offering education, information and support in selecting the best treatment options for your specific needs and lifestyle.

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Sari Telpner is a Credentialed Whole Health Educator.

I provide coded insurance billing receipts, which may be reimbursed through your Flex Spending or Health Savings Account.

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