Before Mousketeers, There Was Larry King

One of the highlight of Larry King’s life was playing in a band as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club way back in 1935, before the popular Mouseketeer Club on TV. Recently celebrating 87 glorious years and calling the Rogue Valley home for more than 27 years, Lawrence D. King (or as he prefers, Larry) was contacted by Walt Disney enthusiast, and my good friend, Toni Maloney to meet and share his exciting experience.

In those early days, Mickey Mouse Clubs met in a local theater. While living in Willits, California, Larry and his band were invited by a manager of one of those theaters to come play. After the performance at the Mickey Mouse Club meeting, the manager made them official Club members. Today, Mickey Mouse continues to hold a special place in Larry’s heart.

Larry King in his Mickey Mouse ears and black Mickey Surfs Up T-shirt

In his Mickey clothes and mouse ears, he can be found sharing his enthusiasm at local children’s events. But, one wish still remains; Larry dreams of a Disney Cruise. But don’t lose hope, Walt Disney taught us, “dreams can come true.”

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