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Reviewing a favorite local restaurant is no easy undertaking.

Especially with the offerings at Brothers’ being as unique as they are and oh so fresh.Brothers’ was established in 1976 and has continued to progress with the times, becoming a restaurant that prides itself on supporting local growers and farmers and aims to be part of the sustainability movement. Brothers’ is a cell phone free zone and requests that patrons silent their phones while dining. I sat myself upstairs at the railing so that I could observe the action happening below in the kitchen. It was 1pm but I observed large, fluffy pancakes being flipped on the grill, and a housemade scone and fresh breakfast scramble at the window ready to be served.

The ladies at the next table were sharing a large plate of bagels & lox, a bowl of soup and an order of cheese blintzes. Their meal looked so delicious I let them know I would eat their left overs but they assured me there would be none, and they were right. Darn. During past visits I have ordered the lox plate and have always been pleased with the freshness of the lox and the tastiness of the bagels and accompaniments: tomatoes, onions, kalamata olives and kosher pickles. I also know that their cheese blintzes are delicious: thicker than a crepe with a creamy cheese filling. I usually opt to add strawberries and whipped cream to the blintzes and have them for dessert.

My all time favorite lunch choice at Brothers’ is their Zucchini Burger. The patty is made of shredded zucchini and almonds and is the most tasty vegetarian burger I have ever had anywhere. My other favorite choice at Brothers’ is the potato pancakes served with sour cream and housemade apple sauce. I make great potato pancakes, latkes, at home during the holidays but Brothers’ are as traditional as my homemade latkes and just as tasty. Brothers’ offers a full menu of coffee drinks made with my personal favorite, Noble Coffee. I ordered a non-fat latte, which was served to me within minutes, which I took time to attempt to make a choice between ordering breakfast or ordering lunch.

If it were a little colder outside I would have ordered a bowl of Brothers’ Mothers’ Chicken Soup. This is the ultimate comfort food made with hormone & antibiotic free chicken. Brothers’ also offers a vegetarian soup of the day. Because this is a review I decided I should try the daily special. I usually don’t even look at the specials menu because the regular menu has so many wonderful and diverse offerings. Today’s special was a curried chicken salad sandwich. My lunch companion decided he would order the special of the day to allow me to try something else. I remarked to our server “too bad it isn’t Friday, the brisket sandwich sounds really good.” The server said “we may be able to make Friday’s special today, let me go ask the kitchen.”

Ooh, I hate being one of those people that asks for something that is not on the menu, as if I am too special to have what is offered today. But the server insisted I should have what my little heart desires and the kitchen gladly obliged. What service!

My brisket sandwich was served with melted brie and creamy horseradish sauce on sourdough toast. I chose the coleslaw as my side dish. The sandwich was fairly decadent because of the good amount of brie but the horseradish sauce added a nice kick to the overall richness of the sandwich, and the brisket was lean which was welcomed. The coleslaw was really good: shredded cabbage in a light dressing, not too sweet, not too tart, just perfect.

The curry chicken salad sandwich was delectable; just the right amount of spice, not too much mayo based dressing, and my date remarked that the grapes in the chicken salad were a refreshing surprise. His sandwich was served on a roll that was stuffed with the chicken salad making it a really good sized portion. He ordered the three bean salad for his side dish, which had a fresh, not syrupy consistency.

Just knowing that both the brisket and chicken are hormone & antibiotic free made us both feel good about our dining experience, but the prices are even better than expected. With such fresh, local ingredients, a conscientious kitchen and friendly staff I would really expect to pay more than the prices listed on the menu. Brothers’ has been offering a $4 off a$20 purchase coupon in the Local’s Guide which makes meals there even more affordable.

On the day we dined, there was no wait, but if you arrive at Brothers’ on a weekend morning the place tends to be packed. Tables do turn over quickly. I assure you that the food is worth the wait. Satisfy your tummy and support local farmers by dining at Brothers’–good for the stomach and good for the soul.

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