Munchies: still the local’s choice

Hungry on a cold evening with three different requests of where to eat: Mexican, hamburgers, breakfast for dinner, landed us at Munchies.

The three of us were swiftly seated at the table of our choice and we immediately order hot cocoa to start off our evening. Each of us looked only at the portion of the menu we intended to order from: my ten year old son wanted Mexican food. He chose easily from the many flavors on the menu. He told me “Munchies has great burritos and the small burrito actually fills the plate. I wonder if you order a regular size burrito is the plate has to get larger too.” I think he is right. The plate would have to grow to accomodate the larger burrito. He also declared the small burrito a “total deal at only $8.”


While looking at the many hamburger choices with my other son I almost opted for a burger. I have had a Munchies burger before and have not been dissappointed. I like the burger with mushrooms and swiss. But my son selected the chicken strip basket for himself. He declares “Munchies has the best chicken strips, I love ’em.” Two satisfied kids makes a very happy mom.

I knew I wanted to order breakfast for my dinner, but what to choose? This was tough with the entire breakfast menu available for dinner and everything sounding comforting on this cold evening.

I chose the frittata made with bacon, spinach, mushrooms and cheese. Choosing my bread was difficult because Munchies makes a cinnamon swirl toast on premises that is a one of a kind treat. But, I have had the cinnamon toast before, and French Toast made with this bread at Munchies is also a menu option worth ordering, that I decided against it this time. This time I went for the housemade rye bread with my breakfast/dinner.


The cocoa was whipped in the style of a cappuccino, frothy and airy with lots of whipped cream. The perfect drink for chilly bones.
Our food arrived very quickly and my two chatty sons were soon silenced by their meals made to order, just the way they like them.
“The burrito is great,” declared my older son who also added that he likes “that you have a choice of pinto or black beans and whatever kind of meat you want.”


My younger son said that not only are the chicken strips his favorite in Ashland but “the fries here are really great, too.”
I snatched a fry and agreed that they are great; fresh and not greasy.
My frittata was ample food and the veggies were fresh; the housemade rye bread was simply divine. I don’t know that I have ever had homemade rye bread before: the freshness of the bread, its texture and taste were out of this world.


Its worth purchasing a loaf to take home.

We really didn’t have room in our tummies for dessert but that didn’t stop us from ordering one giant choclate chip cookie, heated up, to share between the three of us.


Just as we could not agree on one style of food for dinner, we had a fifteen minute discussion about what to share for dessert. We were tempted by the chocolate silk pie, the carrot cake, the brownie but we could only agree that a chocolate chip cookie would be agreeable to all os us. Plus, we can always come back and have just dessert another evening.


Our three meals, drinks and dessert was a steal of a deal at only $30 total.


I assume Munchie’s has settled many arguements between families on where to dine considering the myriad choices on the menu: salads, sandwiches, Mexican specialties, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and housemade bread, cakes and pies.


Their children’s menu has popular offerings for only $5 per meal including a drink.


Munchie’s is most likely the most affordable dining establishment in downtown Ashland.



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