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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: New Science, New Answers

The Stress of Life

Life is stress – we all have to deal with the stress of life itself. But, sometimes our ability to handle it all – to adapt – crumbles away and we are left exhausted and overwhelmed. Everything seems like too much to handle and we aren’t ourselves anymore. Foggy-headed, unable to remember anything, waking up from sleep more tired than when we went to bed, and everything aching and every limb weighing a hundred pounds.

And, sleeping and resting more doesn’t seem to help. Nothing seems to help. So, what to do? It’s so tempting to use more and more stimulants – coffee, energy drinks, sugar, herbs, and other “potions” – nothing works. And going to the doctor for answers? “Everything looks perfect!” you’re most likely told.

How To Get Answers

There have been a lot of “snake oils” sold and a lot of stories told about why this chronic fatigue occurs. But, there is sound science as to why and a reproducible and measurable methods to establish the path to healing – to sleeping and waking rested again, to seeing the foggy-headedness and absent mindedness fade away, to no longer feeling too heavy to move and aching everywhere, to feel that you can take on your life again, to feeling free.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It’s real – a stack of PubMed-listed peer-reviewed research says so. And, a doctor can find it, fix it, and prove so, if they have been trained to know what to look for and do about it.

History, physical exam, and lab findings all paint a clear picture to the trained eye. I have that trained eye and the experience – 47 years of it. First, healing from it as a teen, second, treating patients with CFS for the last 34 years, and, third, writing and teaching doctors around the country how to diagnose and treat the condition It’s beautiful to see people heal and get their lives back. That’s real, too.

How To Heal

First, find out where you are – have a doc who knows how to do this get your history and examine you. You want an Adrenal Stress Index test because “broken” adrenal glands are a key component of this problem. Get your autonomic nervous system tested with an orthostatic heart rate variability test. CFS means your brain is inflamed – get a neurological exam from a doc who knows how to measure and fix this.

Second, assess your stress – physical, biochemical, emotional. Get rid of what you can.

Third, practice self-care – get direction on how to do this well. There are critical specifics a trained doc can teach you that make all the difference in how far your self-care takes you.


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