composition 325

when the earth fell out round

rounded by sound by that big first pop

all its pores were extravasating

all its pores poured forth orange red-orange

conic booms skirting out into landmasses

extravagating into noisome jutting landmasses

and then it rained rained rained rained

and i woke up and everything around me was green and such

so alone and yet everything is me and i am rafflesias and such

when i sneeze there are thunderstorms sometimes anticlockwise typhoons

and i cough into existence gargantuan tsunamis

when i blink there are hummingbirds not humming or scissortails not scissoring

a tear or two and up go pelicans splashing dripping fishflopping

when i shuffle or rustle little fawns make joyful crackles in old brown leaves

i am sitting still now and certain monkeys are quietly on air between trees

when i sleep there are whole dozens of chipmunks dreaming of me and things like me

and i wake up and everything around is green and such

so alone and yet everything around me is me and that means i am mimosas and all

when humans grew up starlike

grounded by flesh that lowly important stop

his fingers splayed reaching for this wind and that thought

her eyes calculating the swirls of shiny orbs floating overhead

they listened to the short bird chirps contrapuntal to the melodic ones

extrapolating from their tunes possible hymns

and then it rained rained rained rained

and we woke up and everything around us is sparks and rust

so alone because everything is everywhere and plugged in and electrobuzzing

when we watch we watch projections of people faraway people ideated people

and now the projections have progressed from convex to flat square widescreen

when we embrace there are distances between our hearts

even when our bodies are together our hearts sink back pressed back lined on our spines

when we shuffle or rustle we have headphones on (little fawns are gone)

the leaves are mulched up or gathered into blackshiny bags unleapt into unrolled through

when we sleep we catch winks or collapse in heaps depressed

and when we dream we do not see them as shiny orbs floating overhead

and we wake up we run and forget to tell someones we dreamed of them

when i zoomed down spilled forth into this world

the planet blinked like it does each time

and i crawled around for a while and flattened out sandpiles

and overlooked sparrows and hit baseballs and sisters

and bible read and lost teeth and liked then loved then lost lost

and then it rained

and then i grew

listen to me love, loves:

let me sing to you:

(don't listen to just the drums

the drums are just the surface)

after the rain

when my hand is in your hand

my heart is in the center of my body in the center of earth

there are mantelsworth and crustsworths and surfacefuls of fires and rocks and rivers

flowing staying flowing 'round my heart

my feet are softly flatly on the grassy ground

my head pointing at jupiter then saturn then mars

when my toes are on your toes or near your toes

my heart is in the center of my foot

and my toes wiggle wiggling on (or at) your toes

my elbows are roughly smooth bending resting on the ground (my feet hanging upward)

watching your eyes like children watching cartoons

after the rain

when you radiantly speak of nothing not even trying to shine

i listen to your chatter even when i tap out rhythms to other songs

i listen to what you didn't say and respond with an almost hmm then an mmmhmmm

(amen with a smile)

om ohms of resistance om

i hear you when you hear

you are there you are there you are there

even when you do not speak


you are there

after the rainbows

when there is allout sunshine

when you are outside and looking upon puddles and sparkles in puddles

i am outside of that looking upon you and ripples in you

move to that

go ahead splash splash-laugh

empty that spot

splatter water wider

my foot dangles

splash-ready splash-laugh-happy

wishing to splish

allout sunshine poised

(right after rainbows)

after the sun

when wriggle things from trees

and howl or who beings from biglong branches

when light is inside our mouths until we yawn in the morning

there are wigglings in the knotty barks of my brain

contemplations hanging furrily from prehensile tails

buzzy buggy hungry ponderances spilling crawling out

beautiful copious life

beautiful unseen copious life

wrung from old tremendous gods by older more tremendous gods

before the sun

after yesterday

which is always now

which is always the only

which is only now always

i will watch high lovely people rise into the flightpaths of craterous spheres

space-quiet shined-on objects

without ladders without cranes without rockets

upfloat until they are

space-quiet shined-on objets

i will watch immersed lovely friends take deep breaths and swim down

past phytoplankton and swordfish and down under warmth

without submarines or apparatus

downdrift until they are

oceandeep quiet-shining things

which are always always

now right now


and i woke up and writhed and tossed and turned

kicking covers and exposing feet then arms thoughts jutting

you came to me in the night came on in

helloed through the darkness hilloaed through the mindspins

you lay down next to me face to face

on your right side on my left side

letting silence and caress

bring forth allusions illusions collusions elusions

conclusions interclusions (exclusions) ((occlusions)

prelusion-prolusions reclusion-seclusions


us ions

charged particles

on my right side on your left side

armsful of bodies

an ear on my chest hugest heartbeats

pulsating minds

kicking jutting thoughts letting go

smiling through the darkness lipsful of lips

"i don't know" you said. "i know. i don't know." i said.

you just showed up

in the early morning

the sun in your wake

after this morning

every undrummed beat will resonate through our souls

every undrummed beat

all almost played notes half-valved breathed at

will breeze round our happy heads into the lashes 'round our wideopen eyes

all most-played notes

the multimeasured notes

the string-breaking finger-collapsing bursted chord clusters

sostenuto sostenuto sostenuti

i love you like i have never loved any other

i love you after this morning

after the sun

after the rain

after rainbows

always always always

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I moved here in May after 32 years on the Arkansas/ Oklahoma border. I love this town and already feel quite at home here. There is an amazing vibration here, to which I am happily contributing. I am a tournament Scrabble player, so I was quite pleased to find a couple of other tourneygoers here, forming the core of an official Scrabble club that meets Sundays at the Heartsong Chai Hut.

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