Ashland Scrabble Club 2008 report and 2009 news

2008 saw downs and ups for the Ashland Scrabble Club.  The first few meetings
of the year at the Inner Child Cafe saw record attendances.  The venue did not
work out and then attendances began to fall.  The club estivated until August,
when we began to meet again at the Beanery.   Now we are thriving again.

25 different persons recorded official club games in 2008 compared with only
14 the year before.   221 games were logged in 2008 compared with 161 in

Before I list the individual club leaders for 2008 and career club leaders, there
are some exciting bits of news for 2009.

Beginning Sunday, January 4, Ashland’s Scrabble Club will become the first club
in the United States to use as its official word source Collins Scrabble Words.
This is the word source used in the vast majority of other countries in the
world for official tournament play and at the World Championship.  I made
this decision because I want us to be on the vanguard of change.  North
America is starting to be left behind on the world stage because of its
resistance to join the rest of the world in using the combined British and
American English lexica.  I am hoping that other clubs will follow our example
and help us to attain eventual unity and reestablish dominance.

Secondly, on April 11 and 12, Ashland Springs Hotel will be home to the first
annual West Coast World Championship Wordlist Challenge (the WCWCWC).
This is an international tournament which will likewise use Collins Scrabble
Words and WESPA (World English Scrabble Players Association) rules instead
of The Official Tournament and Club Word List and National Scrabble Association
rules typically used in tournaments in the United States.  More info at

Now the leaders for 2008:

Top Winning Percentages (minimum 10 games):
Travis Chaney        .831    (108 wins, 22 losses)
Matthew Stewart   .455    (5 wins, 6 losses)
Ron Gideons          .408     (20 wins, 29 losses)
Julius Chaney        .392     (40 wins, 62 losses)

Most games played:
Travis Chaney     130
Julius Chaney      102
Mitzi Loftus           55
Ron Gideons         49

Top Average Scores (minimum 10 games):
Travis Chaney      436.6
Ron Gideons         384
Matthew Stewart  370.5
Julius Chaney       306

Top Bingos Per Game (minimum 10 games):
Travis Chaney     2.12   (275 bingos in 130 games)
Ron Gideons       1.53   (75 bingos  in 49 games)
Matthew Stewart 1.27  (14 bingos in 11 games)
Julius Chaney      0.91   (93 bingos in 102 games)


Games Played:
Travis Chaney      232
Ron Gideons        149
Julius Chaney      124
Mitzi Loftus            55
Matthew Stewart  38
Adam Johnson       37

Points scored:
Travis Chaney      99894
Ron Gideons        56880
Julius Chaney      37095
Mitzi Loftus          14523
Matthew Stewart  14503

Average points per game (minimum 20 games)
Travis Chaney       430.6
Ron Gideons         381.74
Matthew Stewart  381.66

Most bingos played
Travis Chaney   483  (2.08 per game)
Ron Gideons     216   (1.45 per game)
Julius Chaney    107  (0.86 per game)

Highest Scoring Game: Travis Chaney, 606
Highest Losing Score:  Travis Chaney, 469
Highest Combined Score: 979, Travis Chaney vs. Ron Gideons
Highest Scoring Play: Travis Chaney, 212 points (SNEEZIER)
Highest Margin of Win: Travis Chaney, 418
Most Bingos, Game: Travis Chaney and Ron Gideons, 4
Most Combined Bingos, Game: 6, Travis Chaney vs. Ron Gideons
Most Consecutive Wins: Travis Chaney, 27

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I moved here in May after 32 years on the Arkansas/ Oklahoma border. I love this town and already feel quite at home here. There is an amazing vibration here, to which I am happily contributing. I am a tournament Scrabble player, so I was quite pleased to find a couple of other tourneygoers here, forming the core of an official Scrabble club that meets Sundays at the Heartsong Chai Hut.

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