Pyramid Band Annual Birthday Bash

Pyramid Band Birthday Bash with Jeff Pevar

Over 30 years ago Steve Read and his soon to be wife Ellie began performing in restaurants and clubs around Ashland. They began their musical careers as an acoustic duo paying homage to the artists and songs of the 60’s and 70’s that had stirred the urge to play and sing that was sleeping deep inside both of them. They were just beginners but quickly piqued the interest of listeners and fellow musicians in the area. Soon the other musicians began to join them on stage, at first impromptu and later as scheduled guests. As fate would have it, the guests became more regular and it wasn’t long before they formed their first band and picked up electric guitars.

In 1980 they married and had a son, Jesse, in 1981. As they made their home life together they each joined different bands. For Ellie it was Cabin Fever, and Steve founded the Buckshot Band. These two bands dominated the Country Rock scene in the Rogue Valley for about 5 years and still have fans to this day. Buckshot was doing some regional touring through Oregon, Idaho, and Washington and one day received a call from a booking agent looking for a Rock Band to play in a Nevada Casino. All of the band members had grown up on Rock and Roll and jumped at the opportunity. They had such a great time returning to their roots that they decided it was time to change both the name of the band and style of music they played. Thus was Pyramid Band born! And they continue to rock the valley to this day.

Steve has performed on stage with Roger Daltrey of the who and had the opportunity to jam many times with Elliot Easton of the Cars, Bruce Kulick of Kiss, Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Gary Burr of Ringo’s All Star Band, Jack Blades and Kelly Keaggy of Night Ranger and others.

Every year, on Steve’s birthday they throw a party at the Standing Stone and invite everyone in the valley to join them. The celebration has garnered the attention of many of the top local musicians in the area and has delivered some historic performances to those who have joined in the celebration. Last year they were joined by Jeff Pevar, and some friends from Musician’s Friend, where Steve has worked for 20 years.

The 2009 Lineup will once again include Jeff Pevar, who has toured with Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and others and is the “P” in CPR with David Crosby. Steve says, “Having Jeff Pevar in our valley is such a treat. He is a gem of a man and one of the tastiest guitar players I have ever seen. Having Jeff Pevar join us for the entire evening of music is the best present I could ask for!”

As if that weren’t enough, the band will feature Sandy Ficca on drums. Sandy has been the drummer for the band Firefall since 1984. Firefall still tours nationally but Sandy has made the Rogue Valley his home.

There will be several guests on bass including, Ryan Bouslaugh, Wayne Philipp, and Pyramid’s original bassist Rick Bolz. Rick has lived here all his life and was a founding member of the Neighborhood Children who opened shows for the Who, Iron Butterfly, and others at the Fillmore in the 60’s.



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