FLOW: For the Love of Water

It is very easy to become complacent about the world’s water

situation in a country where water is presently in plentiful supply.

The film FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER is very sobering and

is a film that every person should see and think about then act

upon.    The director presents various situations from around the

world to let us know that water shortage is not something that

will reach a critical state soon;  it already has.


The film exposes the privatizers of water and how big corporations

are taking advantage of the disappearance of clean water to

make themselves richer by controlling these resources.   Even in

the United States, big corporations like Nestle are profoundly

affecting communities by pumping huge quantities of water,

depleting water supplies for big profit.    FLOW debunks the idea

that bottled water is necessarily cleaner water.  It educates about

the detrimental effects of unnecessary damming.    It

unpropagandistically presents the seriousness of the waning

water resources even right here in the United States.


Thankfully, the film does not leave us with a total state of

hopelessness.   The bleakness of the potential for death and

warfare is balanced with some uplifting examples of how some

communities around the globe have improved their own situation

and how inexpensive technologies can actually provide vital

clean water.   It ends with the idea that we can do something

about this despite the seeming unstoppableness of juggernaut

corporations to be ultraprofitable at the expense of human life.


Personally, I never want to buy bottled water again, even though

our tap water is not 100% safe.   Not that I ever bought much

anyway.   I never really tasted the difference to tell you the truth.



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