Covid Is Coming Back

Covid is evolving toward becoming a relatively harmless viral infection much like the common cold – also a coronavirus. Until this evolution is more complete, however, Covid infection can still be potentially very serious and even life-threatening.

Covid Infections are increasing now at a surprising rate in the Rogue Valley and this mirrors reporting nationally. Should we go back to the same restrictions from the last few years? I argue no.

Omicron is still the most common Covid variant. It is more contagious, but less virulent, than previous strains. Omicron has a knack for bypassing immunity from past infection and vaccination, though natural and vaccine derived immunity are generally effective prevention from serious illness or hospitalization.

Current infection fatality rate for Omicron is markedly less than previous Covid variants by approximately 80%. 

Covid infections are more common currently in part due to the fall season and in part from lower antibody levels over time post-infection and post-vaccine. It is normal for antibodies to decrease with time and this does not translate to a deficiency of long-term immunity, unless immune-compromised; it is a normal phenomenon. Antibody levels translate to some protection from contracting infection; long-term (T-cell mediated immunity) translates to protection from serious infection, hospitalization, and death. 

High antibody levels over a long period of time after vaccination or infection is actually abnormal, increases systemic inflammation, and can adversely affect the lungs, kidneys, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system, even leading to autoimmunity. Abnormally high antibody levels are a common finding in people with the Long Covid pattern that can develop from Covid infection or vaccination.

Those that are at high risk from infection are those who have compromised immune systems, multiple chronic diseases and/or are elderly. Those in this group are wise to take extra precautions – mask when in close proximity to others, consider personal space, and be extra careful about washing hands regularly and completely before contacting eyes, nose, or mouth. Gargling and nasal lavage also lowers risk for infection. Consider boosters.

At a conference earlier this year, an MD prominent in the functional medicine world asked me why infection mortality rates for Covid infections were so poor in the US when compared to other industrialized nations… after a pregnant pause, I said, “Because we are fat!” 

Overweight and obesity lead to high inflammation throughout the body and especially of the cardiovascular system. Being at an optimal weight through sound selfcare – eating a Mediterranean pattern diet of whole foods, getting adequate sleep and exercise, lowering stress – these all lead to more optimal weight, lower inflammation, and better immunity.

Earlier this year, an extensively referenced paper I wrote, “Reasoning SARS-CoV-2,” was published in a peer-reviewed journal, the Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal. It covers all things Covid, including natural and vaccine immunity, and self-care for preventing infection, complication from infection or vaccination, and healing from Long Covid. Find it at

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