Deli Down Review

Wanting old-fashioned deli fare? Look no further than downtown Medford. Deli Down one of Medford’s little known lunch destinations is hidden in the basement of the Main Street Market building. “Fresh” best summarizes’ the Deli’s flavor. Along with your average deli sandwich choices, you are offered a choice of Soup, Salad, or Pasta Salad with your Sandwich. The pasta salads are unique to this Deli. Dan, the Owner for the last 21 years, changes the pasta salad menu seasonally, offering heartier choices in the winter months, and light choices in the warmer months. Recently lunching there with my mother and stepson, I looked undecidedly at the menu, eventually settling on a fresh pastrami deli sandwich with pasta salad consisting of spinach fettuccini, blue cheese, black olives and garlic. It was heavenly. My stepson, Julius with his seemingly endless appetite opted for the buffet-style pasta bar, fresh pasta made at the deli with your choice of marinara or cream-based sauces and meatballs along with garlic bread.

Deli Down is better known for their specialty in catering. For 12 of their 21 years, Deli Down has catered for the Britt Artist’s that have performed in Jacksonville. As a result the Deli’s brick walls are lined with autographed photos of the various talents that have graced our Valley. Near the table we feasted, I observed autographed pictures of INXS, Bela Fleck, Ani DiFranco, John Lee Hooker, and Bill Cosby, to name a few.

Considering the Deli’s open hours are 10:30am – 3pm, service is fast and friendly. It took about five minutes waiting in line to order and maybe five minutes after that we had our entrees. If you are in the mood for a hot open face sandwich they make a killer roast beef with cheddar, red onion and mild horseradish on sourdough. If you aren’t a fan of red-meat may I also suggest another favorite: the Mediterranean chicken sandwich, that comprises pesto chicken stuffed in pita bread, with tomato, feta cheese, black olives, mushroom and fresh spinach. Let me tell you, nothing hits the spot on a cold winter day like Deli Down’s fresh made hearty soups. Regular choices are: tomato bisque, cream of potato w/bacon, red bean and sausage and—of course–clam chowder.

The atmosphere is intimate and inviting, with a wide variety of patrons, from construction workers to office personnel. Deli Down is located in the historic Main Street Market at 406 E. Main St, Medford.


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