ECO BAG REVOLUTION – An Affordable Solution
Here at LocalsGuide, we have noticed a trend in the usage of reusable grocery bags. With Earth Day fast approaching, we started to think about what it meant to make permanent and sustainable changes that will better our communities, our planet and ourselves. One of the myths that surrounds earth day is that being environmentally friendly is an “all or nothing” situation. Unfortunately for a lot of people, their focus lasts for only one day, when it should last a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong. I love Earth Day and I think it is a great thing to support, but I feel that we should remember the changes we make need to last more than 24 hours. The bottom line is that people are more likely to stick with a change if you make it affordable for them to do so.

A great example of an inexpensive way to be environmentally friendly is by joining the Eco-Bag Revolution. More than likely you have noticed the racks full of reusable shopping bags that are now popping up in grocery stores around the valley. These little bags are on fire and they are flying out the door of every store around. The demand is growing thanks to YOU, the consumer. This is not only good news, but it’s actually a real and verifiable improvement that takes effect every day. The majority of stores in the Rogue Valley now carry these Earth friendly alternatives to disposable paper or plastic bags. Right now, Shop N’ Kart leads the pack having sold over 6000 of these bags! Not to mention they have totally eliminated the use of the standard plastic bag. Plus they are ordering another 6000 bags to boot. Ashland Food Coop is close behind with 4000 bags being sold and with another 4000 on order. Even Winco, Wal-Mart & Sherm’s Food 4 Less reported sales of between 1000 – 1500 bags sold since their implementation in January 2008.

1. BUY A BAG (They range from 88 cents to $3.00 per bag)
*LocalsGuide is even selling custom bags (sure they might cost $12 but, hey; at least you will look cool)

Uses for Bags:

* Grocery & Merchandise
* Keep one in your Car for hauling gear around
* Going to the GYM
* Parents (Put your Kids toys in it for the day trip)
* Laundry Day — I use mine to haul my soaps etc to the laundromat.
* Book Bag — the smaller Eco-bags make great book bags, and are great for students of all ages!

If your local store doesn’t offer Eco-bags, encourage them to do so.  Remember, stores will listen to their consumers; so make your voice heard!
NOTE: After the country of Ireland implemented a plastic bag tax usage dropped by 94%.

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